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What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger…


I’m a competitive power lifter and a member of the U.S. Power Lifting team. I currently hold the World Record for my weight category (180.5 lbs) for bench pressing 551 lbs. During a training session, a mistake happened. Twenty-five pounds more weight was accidentally put on one end of the weight bar than the other. In the process of trying to lift 525 lbs., the heavier side of the bar tipped, spun and came down on my chest. Although I felt lucky to be alive, I was sore on the right side of my body from my ankle to my ear.

I first went to a chiropractor and had some relief, but always knew something was wrong. An MRI reveled I had torn multiple tendons in my shoulder. I did research online and over a period of months went to four Orthopedic Sports Medicine doctors. The first three were very skeptical and wouldn’t give me an answer if I’d be able to compete again. Dr. Alpert saw my MRI and said my injury could be repaired and, with rehab, was confident I could resume power lifting.

I started my rehab four days after surgery. The first month was difficult and intense, but I never missed an appointment. After three months of therapy, I had full articulation in my shoulder. On my one-year surgical anniversary, I was able to bench 500 lbs. again with no pain. Today I have 100% full range of motion and I’m back to lifting 535 lbs. My goal is to compete at the World Championships again and break the 600 lb. bench press barrier for my weight class and age group (50-55 years) in competition.

Dr. Alpert is a great guy – he’s very personable and down to earth. I chose Dr. Alpert because I felt so comfortable with him and he was confident that I’d be able to continue to participate in the sport that I’m passionate about. Dr. Alpert was instrumental in my journey to recovery by confirming everything I was doing during rehab was correct. We worked together as a team and we’ve continued to stay in touch. There is no question I’d recommend Dr. Alpert to a friend. – Nick