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Recent News: Shoulder

Do Frozen Shoulder and Rotator Cuff Injuries Go Together?

Review of Management Strategies for Acute Shoulder Dislocations

Failed SLAP Repair Management

Treatment Options for Upper Arm Bone Fractures

An Option for Sternoclavicular Joint Reconstruction

Diagnosis and Treatment of Scapular Winging

Stabilization for an Unstable Shoulder.

A Review of Factors Affecting Rotator Cuff Healing

Common Injuries and Treatment Options for the Adult Shoulder

Rotator Cuff Repair and Immobilization

What's the Mechanism Behind Shoulder Replacement Loosening?

Rate of Return to Elite Baseball Pitching Following Shoulder Surgery

Is the Reverse Shoulder Replacement the Answer to Rotator Cuff Deficiency?

Is Obesity a Contraindication to Reverse Total Shoulder Arthroplasty?

Surgery for Scapular Problems

Guiding Shoulder Injections (Steroid and Hyaluronic Acid) Using Ultrasound

Steroid Injections for the Shoulder: Where's the Evidence?

Many Things to Consider with Shoulder Rehab

Mini-Open Rotator Cuff Repair: 15 Years Later

Disappointed with the Results of Your Total Shoulder Replacement?

Freezing the Whole Body to Treat Frozen Shoulder

Loosening of Shoulder Replacements

Revisiting an Old Problem: Hill-Sachs Lesions

Shoulder Pain in Spite of Treatment

Double Trouble for Overhead Throwing Athletes

An Important Mid-Term Follow-up Study on Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty

Remplissage Surgical Procedure: Safe and Effective for Repeated Shoulder Dislocations

Encouraging New for Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis

Correcting for Bone Deficiency and Deformity in Shoulder Replacement

Accuracy of Injections for Shoulder Rotator Cuff Syndrome

Arthroscopic Release of Adhesive Capsulitis: Results Five Years Later

Platelet-Rich Fibrin Matrix Has a Negative Effect on Tendon Healing

Evaluation and Causes of Scapular Dyskinesia

Current Trends in the SLAP Repair of the Shoulder

Controversial Issue in Shoulder Surgery

Detecting Capsule Laxity Important Before Shoulder Surgery

Pain or Weakness After Rotator Cuff Repair

Are There Any Benefits of Early Motion After Arthroscopic Rotator Cuff Repair?

Report on a Rare But Devastating Problem After Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery

Good Results with Joint Resurfacing for Shoulder Arthritis

Surprising Findings in 3633 Adults with Shoulder Dislocation

Low-Dose Steroid Injections Recommended for Shoulder Pain

Treating the Unstable Shoulder Successfully

Orthopedic Surgeon Compares Two Surgical Techniques for AC Joint Pain

Risk Factors for Recurrent Shoulder Dislocations

Using Size of a Rotator Cuff Tear to Determine Surgery

What Do You Expect of a Shoulder Replacement?

Deciding When Rotator Cuff Surgery Must Be Redone

Are Shoulder Bursitis and Rotator Cuff Problems Separate?

Effects of Platelet-Rich Plasma on Rotator Cuff Repairs

Rotator Cuff Retears Remain High

Reasons For Failed Rotator Cuff Tear Healing After Surgery

Treatment for Deep Infections After Shoulder Replacement

Current Concepts in the Treatment of Rotator Cuff Disease

Surgeons Shifting Toward Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery

Should You Get a Steroid Injection for a Frozen Shoulder?

What Is a "Frozen Shoulder" Anyway?

Uncommon Shoulder Dislocations

Best Way to Repair Massive Rotator Cuff Tear

Scapular Winging: What Is It and How Is It Treated?

Bony Defects with Chronic Shoulder Dislocations

Review of Posterior Shoulder Instability

Popeye Deformity After Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery

Can A Rotator Cuff Tear Repair Itself?

Some Information on the Rare Problem of Coracoid Impingement

Understanding Rotator Cuff Disease

Diagnosis and Treatment of HAGL Lesions

AAOS Publishes Clinical Practice Guidelines for Rotator Cuff Tears

Comparing Results of Shoulder Stabilization Surgery

Rare But Serious Injuries of the Collarbone

New Information on the Reverse Shoulder Implant

What Can Be Done About Adhesive Capsulitis?

Are You Ready For Some Help with That Chronic Shoulder Pain?

What To Do When Your Rotator Cuff Surgery Fails

A Physician's Guide to Diagnosis of Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

Rare But Deadly Complication of Shoulder Arthroscopic Surgery

Acromioplasty: Easy To Do But Is It Necessary?

New Shoulder Diagnosis: The Transient Luxation

Surgeons Recommend Broad Patient Assessment After Surgery for Shoulder

Can Shoulder Surgeries Be Combined in Middle-Aged Adults?

Treating Patients with Multidirectional Shoulder Joint Laxity

Clinical Practice Guidelines for Shoulder Arthritis

Anatomy of Degenerative Rotator Cuff Tears

New Treatment Assessment Tool for Overhead Throwing Athletes

Can We Predict Who Will Have a Recurrence of Shoulder Dislocation?

New Advice For Patients After Rotator Cuff Surgery

Important News for Surgeons About Rotator Cuff Repairs

Surgeons Challenged By Massive Rotator Cuff Tears

Comparing Surgical Treatments for Shoulder Impingement

Two-Point Minimum in Test May Determine Rotator Cuff Improvement after Nonoperative Treatment

A New Look at Why Shoulder Replacement Doesn't Work Well in Younger Adults

A New Look at Shoulder Revision Surgery for Rotator Cuff Tears

Shoulder Specialists Raise and Answer Some Questions About Rotator Cuff Tears

What the Sports Medicine Specialist Must Know About Throwing Athletes

New Method to Reduce Shoulder Dislocation

Getting Faster Results with Injection for Frozen Shoulder

Diagnosis and Treatment of Uncommon Nerve Injury of the Shoulder

Risk Factors for Repeat Shoulder Dislocation Following Arthroscopic Surgery

How To Improve Results with Steroid Injection for Shoulder Pain

Three of Five Positive Tests Good Indication of Subacromial Impingement

Shockwave Therapy for Calcium Deposits in Shoulder

Update and Review: Diagnosis and Treatment of Snapping Scapula Syndrome

Looking at the Glenoid Side of Shoulder Instability

What's New in Treatment for Younger Adults with Shoulder Arthritis

When Shoulder Surgery Fails: A Thorough Look at The Surgeon's Dilemma

Physical Therapy Treatment for Subacromial Impingement Syndrome

News For the Over 40 Crowd with Rotator Cuff Tears

Taking Another Look at the Reverse Total Shoulder Replacement

Shoulder Resurfacing is Now Available

Causes and Mechanisms of Shoulder Throwing Injuries

Acute Surgical Stabilization for First-Time Shoulder Dislocation

What's the Latest on AC Joint Injuries?

The Challenge of Treating the Throwing Athlete with Shoulder Pain

What Is the Optimal Rotator Cuff Rehabilitation Program?

Shock Wave Therapy for Shoulder Tendinitis

Six Orthopedic Surgeons Around the World Discuss Challenging Cases

Orthopedic Surgeons Offer Insights Into First-Time Shoulder Dislocation

What the Experts Have to Say About SLAP Lesions

Frozen Shoulder: What Is It? What Causes It? And What Can Be Done About It?

Surgery-Specific Rotator Cuff Rehabilitation Program

Exploring Long-Term Results of Shoulder Replacement Surgery

Failed Shoulder Replacement: All is Not Lost

When An Shoulder Separation Isn't Just an AC Joint Injury

Computer-Simulated Model Guides Reverse Shoulder Replacement

Open Repair Successful for Massive Tear in Rotator Cuff

Effect of Workers' Compensation on Outcome of Rotator Cuff Repair

Patients Respond Well to Either Surgical or Conservative Treatment of Shoulder Nerve Compression Syndrome

Training For Sports Climbing

Unique Features of Anterosuperior Rotator Cuff Tears

Treatment of Massive Rotator Cuff Tears

Return To Sports After Shoulder Replacement

A Review of Weight-Lifter's Shoulder

Rotator Cuff Repair in Older Athletes

Treating Rotator Cuff Tears in a Stiff Shoulder

When to Use Cortisone Injections in the Shoulder

Return To Pitching After Shoulder Surgery Not As Good As Expected

Using Quality of Life to Measure Results of Rotator Cuff Repair

Rotational Strength After Release of Subscapularis for Frozen Shoulder

Key Difference Between Open Versus Arthroscopic Shoulder Stabilization

Rehab Program After Humeral Resurfacing Hemiarthroplasty

Comparing Suture Techniques in Repairs of the Rotator Cuff

Twenty-five Year Natural History of Shoulder Dislocation Treated Without Surgery

Upper Arm Fracture After Shoulder Replacement

Treatment of Posterior Shoulder Instability Remains a Challenge

New Cause of Shoulder Pain in Overhead Throwing Athletes

When To Use Corticosteroid Injections for the Shoulder

Testing for SLAP Lesions of the Shoulder

Shoulder Surgery For Patients Over Age 50

Glenohumeral Arthrodesis May Benefit Patients After Failed Prosthetic Shoulder Arthroplasty

Results of Resurfacing Shoulder Joint

Arthroscopy for Acute Shoulder Dislocation

Position of Greater Tuberosity Important After Shoulder Fracture

Improving Rotator Cuff Repair

Easy Arthroscopic Access to the Shoulder Labrum

Review of Greater Tuberosity Fractures in the Shoulder

Effect of Mobilization for Frozen Shoulder

Tips for Shoulder Injection

Who Should Have Surgery to Prevent Shoulder Re-Dislocation?

Surgery for Subscapularis Tear Should Include Biceps Tendon Repair

The Value of MRI in Diagnosing Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

Update on the Treatment of AC Shoulder Separations

Scapular Dyskinesia in Athletes

Large Rotator Cuff Tears Can Lead to Arthropathy

Results of Double-Row Rotator Cuff Repair

Shoulder Injuries Caused By Force and Stress

New X-ray Technique for Disabled Patients

Biology of Frozen Shoulder

Laxity Testing of the Shoulder

3-D Analysis of Scapular Motion

Rare Case of Calcific Tendinitis Mimicking Infection

Diagnosing Shoulder Problems with MRI

Open or Arthroscopic Stabilization of the Shoulder: Does It Matter?

Nerve Injuries From Heavy Backpacks in Soldiers

Common Problems After Shoulder Replacement

Review of Irreparable Rotator Cuff Tears

Predicting Size of Subscapularis Tears

Details on the New Reverse Shoulder Prosthesis

Arthroscopic Treatment of Septic Arthritis of the Shoulder

Tests to Measure Shoulder Function

Review of Rare Floating Shoulder Injury

Benefit of Thermal Capsulorrhaphy for Shoulder Questioned

The Milch Method of Easy Shoulder Reduction

Value of Three Tests for Shoulder Instability

Long-Term Results of Shoulder Surgery

Results of Arthroscopic Bankart Repair for Shoulder Dislocation

Rare Case of Voluntary Poterior Shoulder Dislocation Followed By Trauma

More Men At Risk for Pectoralis Major Ruptures

Labral Tears of the Shoulder Are Not Age Dependent

Surgeons Give Thumbs Down to Treatment for Massive Rotator Cuff Tears

Review of Total Shoulder Replacements

Shoulder Fusion: When and How It's Used

Pain Location Does Not Help Identify Rotator Cuff Tears

Results of Treatment for Isolated SLAP II Injury

Review of the Shoulder: Evaluation and Diagnosis

Doctors Review Use of Anchors and Tacks

Shoulder Capsule Tears on First Dislocation

What's New in Shoulder Surgery? Review of New Sutures

Four Methods of Rotator Cuff Tear Repair Compared

MRI or MRA? Which is Better For Assessing Rotator Cuff Tears?

New Activity Scale for Shoulder

New Way to Treat Bone Spurs

Long-Term Results of Mini-Open Method of Rotator Cuff Repair

Analysis of Data Favors Total Shoulder Over Partial Replacement

What Surgeons Say About Rotator Cuff Surgery

Surgery for Shoulder Dislocation: It's not an Open and Closed Case

Acupuncture or Ultrasound: Which Works Better for Shoulder Impingement?

Sounds like a Rotator Cuff Tear

Nitroglycerine Helps Heal Shoulder Tendons

Weight Gain after Shoulder Surgery

Skip the Shrink Wrap Treatment for Shoulder Instability

The Problematic Sternoclavicular Joint

Selecting Tests to Diagnose Shoulder Pain

No Holes Barred with New Anchor for Shoulder Surgery

Volume Weighs Heavily on Results of Total Shoulder Replacements

To Slouch or Not to Slouch

Mayo Clinic Releases Results of Rotator Cuff Repair in Younger Patients

Research Cools Use of Thermal Heat Treatment for Shoulder Instability

Rapid Return to Sports after Shoulder Dislocation without Surgery

A New Look at Shoulder Pain in Overhand Athletes

Looking for Clues to Results of Shoulder Treatment

Trail of Treatment for Frozen Shoulder

Case Series Offers Insights into Rotator Cuff Repair

Shoulder Replacement Improves Function and Comfort

Choosing Exercises to Fit the Sport

Mapping Stress Points in Injured Shoulders

The Form and Function of the Serratus Anterior Muscle

Loose Shoulders with Injury on the Inside

The More the Better When It Comes to Shoulder Arthroplasty

Push-up Exercises Keep Patients From "Winging It"

The Negative Impact of Comorbidities on Shoulder Pain

It Sounds Like a Torn Shoulder Tendon

Looking at Results after Arthroscopic Rotator Cuff Repair

Shrinking Long-Term Results after Thermal Shrinkage

Help for Shoulders in a Pinch

Comparing Treatments for Calcium Deposits in Shoulder Tendons

Should a Sling Be Used after Shoulder Surgery?

Expert Advice on Partial Rotator Cuff Tears

Results of Shoulder Joint Replacement in Young Adults

Adhesive Capsulitis, a Half Century Later

Scoping Out the Results of Large Rotator Cuff Tears

Shoulder Replacement after Dislocation

Blaming the Shoulder Blade for Shoulder Pain

Shrink to Fit Shoulders are Not for Everyone

Double-Bladed Exercises for the Shoulder

Narrowing the Options for Shoulder Impingement Surgery Enlarges the Results

Minimizing Shoulder Incisions to Maximize Results

Problems That May Surround a New Shoulder Joint

Putting a Dislocated Shoulder Back in Place--The Easy Way

Fore . . . a Better Golf Swing

Results of Rotator Cuff Tears among NFL Players

Making Sense of Thermal Surgery for Injured Shoulders

Locating Best Treatments for Shoulder Dislocation

Open or Closed Case of Shoulder Repair?

Dis 'n Dat Treatment for Dislocated Shoulders

Melting the Factors That Slow Recovery from Frozen Shoulder

All the Right Shoulder Moves

Popeye's Torn Biceps Tendon

Rotator Cuff Tears: Should You Operate?

Hottest Techniques in Shoulder Surgery

Treating Minor Rotator Cuff Tears: When Less Is More

Tennis Anyone? Served with or without Pain?

The Incredible Shrinking Shoulder

Want Strong Shoulders? Don't Slouch

Buttoning Up a Torn Rotator Cuff

New Treatment for Shoulder Cysts: A Case Report

Reaching toward Effective Treatments for "Frozen Shoulder"

Will Rotator Cuff Surgery Give You the Cold Shoulder? A Ten-Year Check-Up

One Plus One Equals Relief of Shoulder Pain

Rotator Cuff Surgery Not a Handicap for Golfers

A+ Results Long after Rotator Cuff Repair

Putting the Squeeze on the Rotator Cuff

Ultrasound Gaining Acceptance in Diagnosing Shoulder Problems

Honey, I Shrunk the Joint Capsule

Rotator Cuff Surgery Passes the Test of Time

Good News for Shoulder Arthroplasty Patients: A Bone Graft May Help

Shoulder Dislocation: Surgery or Sling?

Pop Goes the Shoulder: Better Treatments for Dislocations

Open Surgery to Stabilize the Shoulder: It's Not a Closed Book

Cadets Salute Arthroscopy for the Treatment of Dislocated Shoulders

Scoping Out Surgery for Torn Rotator Cuff Tendons

Rotator Cuff Repair--Again

Unusual Muscle Tear in a Recreational Athlete

Arthroscopic Release of Frozen Shoulder: Don't Shrug It Off

Inside the Shoulder: A New Look at an Old Problem

Swapping Activities for a Stable Shoulder: The Slippery Slope of Shoulder Dislocation

Nonsurgical Treatment Makes the Grade for Shoulder Separation

Shoulder Research Revisited

Volleyball Serves Up a Case of Shoulder Weakness

Tackling Shoulder Instability in Football Players

Underhanded Results for Overhead Athletes

Shoulder Motion in 3-D

Tennis in the Middle Ages

Surgery Advised for First-Time Shoulder Dislocation

Seeking Thorough Choices for Partial Rotator Cuff Tears

Having a Ball and Socket after Getting a New Shoulder Joint

Shouldering the Complexities of Rheumatoid Arthritis

Shoulder Status Matters before Joint Replacement

Shoulder Joint Replacement with a "Swivel"

Seeing the Full Scope and Benefits of Shoulder Arthroscopy

The Best Way to Exercise the Shoulder--Hands Down!

Getting the Shoulder Blade Back on Track

Working Hard to Compare the Results of Acromioplasty

Difficulties in Studying Rotator Cuff Tears

Shoulder Instability after Shoulder Joint Replacement

Considerations for Shoulder Joint Replacement after Shoulder Joint Infection

Patients Find Satisfaction in Surgical Breakthroughs for the Rotator Cuff

The Deltoid Muscle: A Mover and a Stabilizer

Shockingly Good Results for Calcific Tendonitis of the Shoulder

Surgical Solution to Snapping Scapula

Taking a Closer Look at Repairing Large Rotator Cuff Tears

Technical Study for Improving Shoulder Surgery

Predicting Results of Hemiarthroplasty after Shoulder Fracture

Shocking the Shoulder Back to Health

Shoulder Muscle Imbalance: Cause or Consequence of Impingement?

The Reality of Shoulder Dislocations in Children and Teens

What to Make of Abnormal MRI Findings in Overhead Athletes' Shoulders

Shrink-to-Fit Shoulder Surgery Isn't for Everyone

Joint Position Sense Regained after Shoulder Surgery

Five Cases of Misplaced Screws

The Heat Is on Ultrasound for Shoulder Problems

Choosing between Ultrasound and MRI to Find a Torn Rotator Cuff

Obesity and Rotator Cuff Problems

Testing the Tests for Shoulder Pain Caused by the AC Joint

Rare Shoulder Fracture in 15-Year-Old Pitcher

Doctors Put Shoulder Tests to the Test

Translating a Stuck Shoulder into One That Moves

Hand Injury and Shoulder Weakness: Connecting the Dots

Results of Shoulder Surgery for High-Risk Athletes

Results of Arthroscopic Repair for SLAP Injury in Overhead Athletes

Four Cases of Rare Rotator Cuff Tear in Adolescents

Case Closed for Open Rotator Cuff Repair?

Shoulder Surgery: Cost Comparison Between Open and Closed Method

Which is Better for the Patient: Partial or Total Shoulder Replacement?

Surgeons Test New Method to Repair Torn AC Joint

Optimal Fixation Method for Rotator Cuff Repair

Changes in Shoulder Rotation for Elite Baseball Pitchers

Ultrasound Used to Review Results of Shoulder Surgery

Rare But Dangerous Collar Bone Dislocation

Healing of Rotator Cuff Reruptures is Possible

Review of Humeral Shaft Fractures with Radial Nerve Injury

Two Surgical Methods of Acromioclavicular Resection Compared

Shoulder Problems in Overhead Throwing Athletes

Advances in Shoulder Arthroscopy

Results From Bankart Repair of Shoulder

Predicting Rotator Cuff Tears

Results of Shoulder Replacement Revision Operations

Shoulder Instability: Incorrect, Delayed, and Missed Diagnoses

When the Shoulder Problem Isn't in the Shoulder

Review of Treatment for Rotator Cuff Tears

Surgical Treatment of SLAP Lesions

Report of Results After Compaction Bone-Grafting in Shoulder Replacements

Little Benefit of Steroid Injection for Rotator Cuff Tendinitis

Problems Reported After Electrothermal Shoulder Stabilization

Factors Affecting Surgery for Rotator Cuff Tear

Most Reliable Method to Classify Rotator Cuff Tears

Current Management of Type III AC Separation

Results of Open Bankart Repair After Failed Arthroscopic Repair

Three Surgical Methods Compared for Rotator Cuff Tears

Reverse Shoulder Prosthesis May Be Good for Several Shoulder Injuries

Patients' Expectations for Surgery Affect Outcome

Shoulder Function May Be Maintained with Nonoperative Management of Massive Rotator Cuff Tears

Faster and Better Recovery of Muscle Strength After Bankart Repair

New Classification for Rare But Serious Shoulder Injury

Delayed Union of a Scapular Fracture in an Adoloscent

Treatment for SLAP Injuries Depends on Diagnostic Accuracy

Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty Promising Treatment with Low Failure Rate

Three Tests for Diagnosing Complete Rupture of the Rotator Cuff

New Understanding of the Frozen Shoulder

Disorders of the Superior Labrum: Assessment and Treatment

Treating Subscapularis Tendon: What's the Latest?

Shoulder Separation: Results Ten Years Later

New Treatment Ideas for Clavicular Fractures

New Technique for Reducing Anterior Shoulder Dislocation

Diagnosis of Shoulder Pain in the Older Adult

The Challenge of Choosing the Right Shoulder Replacement

Review and Update on SLAP Shoulder Injuries

Unraveling the Mysteries of the Shoulder

What Is That Snapping and Grinding Under My Shoulder Blade?

Failed Rotator Cuff Repair: Advance or Retreat?

Physical Therapists Report on Treatment For Shoulder Tightness

Shoulder Dislocation: Who Is At Risk?

Preventing and Treating Shoulder Injuries in Overhead Throwing Athletes

Surgery May Be First-Line Option for First-Time Anterior Shoulder Dislocation

Smoking, Obesity Connection to Shoulder Health

Age May Not Be Linked with Results of Rotator Cuff Repair After All

A New Test to Predict Pain Relief After Rotator Cuff Repair

Using Preseason Strength Values to Predict In-Season Shoulder Injuries

Diagnosis and Treatment of Rare Shoulder Bursitis

Understanding Military Injuries Can Help Guide Patient Care

The Role of Shoulder Surgery in the Development of Osteoarthritis

Can Chronic Shoulder Dislocations Be Treated Arthroscopically?

A New Look At Rotator Cuff Tears

The Challenge of Shoulder Problems in Young Adults

Athletes with Subscapularis Tendon Tear Can Return to Full Sports Activity

Shoulder Joint Surface Destroyed with Injection of Local Anesthetic

New Information on the Role of the Biceps Pulley in Shoulder Pain

A Different Look at Rotator Cuff Tears

Problems Unique To the Reverse Total Shoulder Replacement

Time To Stop Using the Term Shoulder Impingement Syndrome?

Failure to Heal After Rotator Cuff Surgery

Evidence-Based Treatment for Shoulder Impingement

New Advances in the Treatment of AC Joint Injuries

Tissue Engineering in the Treatment of Massive Rotator Cuff Tears

Choosing the Best Clinical Tests for Shoulder Impingement Syndrome

Update on Hill-Sachs Shoulder Lesion

Can Hyaluronic Injections to the Shoulder For Adhesive Capsulitis Improve Treatment Results?

Encouraging New for Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis

Tendon Pulls Away from Bone After Rotator Cuff Repair

Periprosthetic Fractures Around a Humeral Implant

Treatment of Shoulder Instability Using the Bony Bankart Bridge

Healing After Rotator Cuff Tear Not Necessary for Improvement

High or Low? What's the Optimal Dose of Corticosteroid for the Shoulder?

Fractures of the Collar Bone in Teens Treated Without Surgery: What are the Results?

What To Do When the Patient Isn't Right for a Shoulder Replacement

New Nontraditional Ways to Treat Shoulder Pain

Adhesive Capsulitis or Frozen Shoulder?

An Overview of the Complications of Shoulder Arthroscopy

Recognizing and Repairing a Rotator Cuff Tear

Calcific Tendonitis is Best Treated Conservatively

Rotator Cuff Index Measure Predicts Outcome of Nonsurgical Treatment for Rotator Cuff Tears

Recommended Treatment of Scapular Winging

Rotator Cuff Repair is Not Always the Answer