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Patient Satisfaction Survey

At the Midwest Bone & Joint Institute, we are constantly striving to offer our patients the best possible care. Please take a few minutes to fill out the following Patient Satisfaction Survey to let us know how we’re performing. All of your information and answers will be kept strictly confidential. Your name and email address will be used ONLY for the purpose of this survey. We DO NOT share or sell patient’s names or email addresses.

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    When you called to make your appointment, was the person you spoke with polite and professional?

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    Were you able to get an appointment with the doctor you wished to see?

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    When you arrived at our offices, did our staff greet you in a friendly manner?

    How long did you spend in our waiting room?

    How long did you spend in an exam room before seeing a doctor?

    Which one of our doctors did you see?

    How did you hear about the Midwest Bone & Joint Institute?

    Would you refer us to a friend or family member?

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