Experienced Doctors Give Advice for Disc Surgery
More and more low back surgery for disc problems is done with microsurgery. In microsurgery, a small incision is made, and a surgical microscope is inserted. The doctor can do the operation with only a small amount of blood loss, and with little or no trauma to the skin and nearby muscles.

The authors of this study say that open disc surgery is still the most common operation and should be studied until it's no longer being used. This kind of research helps doctors choose the right surgery for the right patients and reduce potential problems after surgery. No one wants to see a disc patient end up with ongoing and severe problems, a condition called failed back surgery syndrome.

This report offers doctors a list of possible problems and ways to prevent them during or after disc surgery. Suggestions are given for all stages of treatment, from before the operation until the patient goes home.
Robert Kraemer, et al. Classification and Management of Early Complications in Open Lumbar Microdiscectomy. In European Spine Journal. June 2003. Vol. 12. No. 3. Pp. 239-246.