Thoracic Dysfunction After Sports Injury
Sports-related aches and pains are more and more common. With 30 million children involved in sports activities, the risk for overuse injuries increases. In this case report, physical therapists describe the case of a 16-year old soccer player with mid-back and rib pain.

Results of treatment using a nonthrust manipulation are presented in detail. This method was used because testing suggested a rotated vertebra that wasn't moving normally. The young man had pain with side-bending and deep breathing. These symptoms are consistent with this type of problem. There were no other symptoms to suggest a systemic illness of any kind.

His right lower back and rib pain went away after one visit. He had full motion and no pain or tenderness when the therapist pressed on the area of the back that was previously painful. He could take a deep breath and expand his chest fully without pain.

Follow-up phone calls were made by the therapist a month later and again nine months later. The patient remained pain free and back to sports with no restrictions. There were no ill effects from the nonthrust manipulation.
Jason L. Kelley, DPT, and Susan L. Whitney, PT, PhD, NCS, ATC. The Use of Nonthrust Manipulation in an Adolescent for the Treatment of Thoracic Pain and Rib Dysfunction: A Case Report. In Journal of Orthopaedic & Sports Physical Therapy. November 2006. Vol. 36. No. 11. Pp. 887-892.