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Recent News: Hip

A Risk for Anterior Hip Approach

Current Treatment Options for Nontraumatic Femoral Head Necrosis

An Alternate Technique for Total Hip Surgery: The Direct Anterior Approach.

Effectiveness of Surgery For The Middle-Aged Patient With Hip Pain

Preventing and Treating Leg Length Differences with Total Hip Replacement

Femoroacetabular Impingement: Diagnosis By Exclusion

Hip Osteoarthritis: More Common Than You Think

What is Femoroacetabular Impingement and Does It Really Lead to Hip Osteoarthritis?

Do Steroid Injections in the Hip Before Hip Joint Replacement Cause Infection?

Bone Loss: Major Obstacle to Hip Replacement Revision

Osteoarthritis: It's in the Genes

Total Hip Replacement: Needed But Not Always Possible

Big Question: Do Cemented Implants Hold Up Better Than Cementless?

Microfracture: Good For the Knee but What About the Hip?

Routine Imaging of Hip Recommended After Joint Replacement

News About Treating Infections After Hip Replacement

Which is Better: Metal or Ceramic Bearings in Hip Replacements?

High Rate of Complications but Good Outcomes for Hip Replacement in the Young

Evidence to Support Surgery for Femoroacetabular Impingement

Risk of Hip Impingement Developing

Hip and Spine Problems in the Elderly

Running Is Possible After Hip Resurfacing But...

Getting Back Into Action After Short-Stem Hip Replacement

Review of Metallosis With Hip Resurfacing

Guide to Acetabular Fractures in Older Adults

Hip Fracture Threatens Independence and Mobility in the Elderly

Best Treatment Choice for Intertrochanteric Hip Fractures

Athletes Who Push Beyond Their Anatomic Limits

Diagnosing and Treating Complications of Hip Dislocation

Athletes At All Levels Can Return to Sports After Surgery for Femoroacetabular Impingement

Surgeons Take a Closer Look at a Hip Replacement Implant

Hip Instability Possible Without Trauma

Hip Replacement in Adults Who Had Perthes Disease As a Child

How Am I Doing After My Hip Replacement?

Long-Term Results of Cementless Hip Replacement

Ninety-day and Ten Year Risks Associated with Hip Replacement

Cement or Cementless Hip Replacements?

Cause of Rare Implant Fracture After Revision Surgery

An Update on Osteonecrosis of the Hip

Problems With Hip Replacements

Clinical Practice Guidelines for Periprosthetic Joint Infections

Source of Blood Supply to the Hip Labrum

Surgical Treatment of Femoroacetabular Impingement of the Hip

How Many People Have Hip Deformity Leading to Arthritis?

Treatment of Asymptomatic Osteonecrosis of the Femoral Head

More Important Information on Femoroacetabular Impingement

Is There a Fast Yet Safe Way to Recover from Total Hip Surgery?

Early Recognition of Hip Impingement Important to Prevent Joint Damage

An Update on the Anatomy, Biomechanics, and Repairs of Hip Labrum

German Surgeons Report on Sports Participation After Hip Resurfacing

What Can Be Done About a Squeaking Hip Replacement?

Diagnosing Posterior Hip Pain in Athletes

Exercises for Rehab After Hip Arthroscopy

Prevention and Treatment of Groin Strains in Athletes

Hip Injuries in Athletes

Technology Overview of Hip Resurfacing

A Physical Therapist Reviews the Problem of Snapping Hip

The Past, Present, and Future of Hip Joint Replacements

Update on Traumatic Hip Dislocations

Hip Surgery May Not Be Advised for Children with Steel Syndrome

Osteonecrosis Most Common Cause of Hip Resurfacing Arthroplasty Periprosthetic Fractures

No Significant Difference in Gait after Minimally Invasive and Traditional Transgluteal Total Hip Arthropasty

Guidance During Needle Injection of Hip Joint Required

Precautions After Total Hip: Do We Really Need Them?

There's Only One Way to Ensure Accuracy of Hip Joint Injection

Special Gel Speeds Up Recovery in Cementless Hip Replacements

Charnley Total Hip Arthroplasty Has Good Long-Term Record

Testing and Treating the Athlete with Groin Pain

Walking Can Begin Immediately After Hip Fracture Surgery

Reducing Complications After Surgery for Hip Fractures

Delays in Surgery for Hip Fracture Cause Problems

Patient or Procedure: Which One Makes the Difference?

Surgeon Reports Results of Hip Joint Resurfacing Using Minimally Invasive Approach

What the Experts Are Saying About Femoroacetabular Impingement

Benefits of Aquatic Therapy After Hip or Knee Replacement

Evidence Supports Use of Accelerated Joint Replacements

Clinical Practice Guidelines for Hip Osteoarthritis

Treatment of Degenerative Hip Disease in Younger Patients

A New Problem for the Baby Boomer Generation

Factors Affecting Function After Hip Fracture

Antibiotic-Impregnated Cement Has Limited Cost Savings in Primary Total Hip Arthroplasty

Getting Back to Normal Walking Patterns After Hip Surgery

Waiting For a Hip or Knee Replacement? Here are Some Tips to Control Pain and Stay Active.

The Problem With a Failed Total Hip Replacement

Optimal Approach for Total Hip Replacement

Controlling Pain After a Total Hip Replacement

Return to Sports After Treatment for Snapping Hip Syndrome

Osteoporosis and Type of Hip Fracture in Parkinson Disease

Young, Active Patients With Hip Pain

What to Do to Protect Your Hips

Osteoporosis Treatment Rates Rise With Orthopedic Surgeon Playing Active Role

Major Challenge in the Treatment of Osteoporosis

Chronic Hip Pain: An Undiagnosed Problem

The High Cost of Hip Dislocation After Joint Replacement

Evidence-Based Approach to Hip Fractures

What To Do About A Squeaking Hip Replacement

What Is Causing Squeaking in Hip After Joint Replacement?

Accuracy of Clinical Tests to Identify Hip Arthritis

Low Cost Method of Screening For Infection of Total Hip Replacement

Regaining Equal Leg Strength After Hip Fracture

Activity After Total Hip Replacement

Femoral Neck Fracture After Hip Joint Resurfacing

Are the Extremely Elderly Really At Greater Risk of Hip Fracture?

Cost and Effectiveness of Home-Based Rehab After Joint Replacement

Update on Hip Resurfacing Using Metal-on-Metal Implants

Can Older Adults Benefit From Hip Joint Resurfacing?

Predicting Survival After Hip Fracture

The Importance of Surgical Timing After Hip Fracture

Faster Recovery After Total Hip Replacement Based on Type of Incision

Dramatic Change in Surgery for Hip Fracture

Rehab Protocol for Hip Resurfacing

Rate of Hip Dislocation Higher After Conversion From Hemiarthroplasty to Total Hip Replacement

Update on Treatment for Femoral Fractures That Don't Heal

Clinical Exam for Hip Pain

Physical Therapy Home Care After Hip Fracture

Review of Small-Incision Approaches to Hip Replacement

Hip Range of Motion Helpful in Evaluating Patient Outcome after Total Hip Arthroplasty

Early Weight Bearing Does Not Appear to Increase Risk of Loosening in Uncemented Cementless Hip Replacement

Search for Cause of Hip Arthrokatadysis

Review of Pathophysiology and Treatment of Osteonecrosis of the Hip

Patients with Perthes Disease May Benefit from Metal-on-Metal Hip Resurfacing

Carefully Selected Patients Can Benefit from Total Hip Resurfacing

Review of Rare Femoral Fracture Pattern

Unique Complication After Hip Resurfacing

Report on Second Generation Total Hip Resurfacing Implants

High Cross-Linked Polyethylene Liners in Hip Replacements May Experience Fatigue Damage

Review of Trochanteric Osteotomy in Total Hip Replacement

Ceramic Femoral Heads Age Over Time

Squeaking with a Total Hip Replacement

Anatomic Changes in the Hip May Cause Impingement

Failure Rates Decrease with Hip Resurfacing for Young Arthritic Patients

Get Better Results with Joint Replacements at Specialty Hospitals

Hip Motion Restored to Normal with Hip Resurfacing

Conversion from Resurfacing to Total Hip Arthroplasty

Walking as a Sign of Recovery After Total Hip Replacement

Advice to Surgeons About Hip Resurfacing

What Do We Know About Patients Who Have Hip Replacements?

Real-Time Ultrasound Identifies Causes of Snapping Hip Syndrome

Reducing Bone Loss Through Femoral Stem Design

Total Hip Replacement: What Do Patients Prefer?

Caution Advised with Hip Resurfacing

Medical Problems After Joint Replacement

Rare Complication of Total Hip Replacement

Reducing Complications with Two-Incision Minimally Invasive Hip Surgery

Activity Reduces Bone Loss After Total Hip Replacement

Fractures After Hip or Knee Replacement

Uncemented Hip Replacements in Younger, Active Patients

Physical Therapists Offer Help for Hip Osteoarthritis

Hip Joint Resurfacing Gains Popularity Again

Results of Rehab for Primary and Revision Hip Replacement

Choosing the Right Patient for Hip Arthroscopy

Fracture After Hip Replacement

Unilateral Hip Dysplasia Usually Bilateral

Treatment Options for Femoral Neck Fractures

Predicting Results of Hip Replacement Revision

Hip Fracture in the Elderly: Repair or Replace?

Latest Statistics on Hip Fractures

Tracking Recovery After Hip Fracture

Improving Outcome of Rehab After Hip Fracture

Physical Therapy Helps After Hip or Knee Replacement

Mayo Clinic Investigates Nerve Palsy After Hip Replacement

Unique Timing of Double Hip Replacements

Thigh Pain After Total Hip Replacement

Surgeons at Mayo Clinic Compare Methods of Total Hip Replacement

Regional Anesthesia Replacing General in Hip Surgery

Results of Minimally Invasive Hip Replacement: Too Soon to Tell?

Should Doctors Withhold Hip Replacement Surgery From Obese Patients?

Minimally Invasive Means Less Tissue Trauma With Hip Replacement

Gentle Yoga Reduces Risk of Falls in Older Adults

First Report of Major Problem After Mini-Incision for Hip Replacement

Long-Term Success of Joint Replacement Reported in Osteopetrosis

Spinal Fractures Not All They Are Cracked Up to Be

Knee Injuries Associated with Hip Dislocation

Shorter Hospital Stay for Total Hip Replacement Saves Money

Thirty-Year Study on Hip Replacements Helps Doctors Plan

Steps To Measure Life of Joint Implant

Shooting from the Hip after Graft Donation for Spinal Fusion

When Minimally Invasive is Too Invasive

No Short Cuts to Hip Replacement Surgery

Does Minimally Invasive Surgery Speed Up Recovery after Total Hip Replacement?

Preventing Pelvic Clots after Total Hip Replacement

Think Twice about Ginkgo Biloba When Considering Total Hip Replacement

Precautions after Total Hip Replacement: Have We Gone Too Far?

Total Hip Replacement after an Unhealed Hip Fracture

Long-Term Effects of Obesity on Knee Joint Replacement

Soldiers and Hip Stretches

Silver Anniversary of Hip Osteotomy for Severe Arthritis

High Volume of Hip Replacements Linked with Better Outcome

Not All Hip Fractures are Alike

New Mini-Incision Not All It's Cut Out to Be

Physical Therapists Explore Joint Motion as a Sign of Hip Osteoarthritis

New Mini-Incision Not All It's Cut Out to Be

New Phase of Exercise Advised Four Months after Hip Replacement

True Merit of a Mini-Incision THR

Patients Do Best after Hip Replacement Surgery by Getting Advice Ahead of Time

Helping Patients Get Back on Their Feet after Hip Fracture

Scoping Out Sources of Hip Pain

Understanding the Unstable Total Hip Replacement

Understanding Dislocation after Total Hip Replacement

How to Take Away Pain after Total Hip Replacement

Medicinal Prevention of Heterotopic Ossification after Total Hip Replacement Surgery

What Did You Expect? Patients' Expectations before Total Hip Replacement

Comparing Hip Replacements with and without Special Coating

Hybrid Total Hip for Developmental Hip Dysplasia

Choosing the Best Treatment after Hip Fracture: Fixation or Joint Replacement

Returning Motion to a Fused Hip

Educated Patients Fare Best after Hip Replacement Surgery

Finding Hip Joint Implants That Last

Fitting a Straight Stem into a Curved Bone during Total Hip Replacement

Radiation to Prevent Abnormal Bone Growth after Total Hip Replacement

Should Mrs. Jones Have a Hip Joint Replacement Using the Posterior Approach?

X-Ray Limitations for Hidden Bone Problems after Total Hip Replacement

Robots on the Cutting Edge

Costs Outweigh Payments for Revised Hip Replacement

Guidelines for Driving after Total Hip Replacement

The Immune System Blamed for Loosening of Hip Implant

Laser Scanning May Help Prevent Failed Hip Replacement Revisions

The Effect of Sterilization on Long-Term Wear of an Artificial Hip Joint

Knee OA Treatment May Work for Hip OA, Too

There's No Place Like Home to Heal Hip Fractures

News For Patients Planning for a Total Hip Replacement

The Challenge of Treating Hip Osteonecrosis in Young Adults

New Use for PET Scans in Patients with New Hips

Understanding Body Temperature Changes after Total Hip Replacement Surgery

Comparison of Two Approaches for Implanting a New Hip Joint

Doctors' Advice for Back and Leg Symptoms after Total Hip Replacement

Adding a New Dimension to Study Hip Joint Implants

Fifteen-Year Results of Cementless Total Hip Replacement

Technical Note on Trochanteric Osteotomy During Total Hip Replacement Surgery

The Unfolding of Joint Plica

Special Hip Socket Implant Helps Prevent Hip Dislocation

Cement Extrusion During Total Hip Joint Replacement: Measurement and Incidence

Total Hip Replacement Improves Sleep in Arthritis Sufferers

Hip Fracture after Age 90

Cross Words for Puzzling Thigh Pain after a New Hip Joint

Hip News for Patients and Doctors Fooled by "Back Pain"

Boning Up to Improve Function after Hip Fracture

Dislocated a New Hip--Lately?

Withholding Cement Helps Hold Some New Hip Joints

Thinking Small in Hip Replacement Surgery

Hip Tips for Hockey Players

Death to the Tip of the Hip

One New Hip, One Year Later

Safety Outweighs Savings in Hip Surgery

Runners Are Hip, Especially When They Stretch

Keeping New Hips in the Socket: A Plug for Prevention

Hips Snap Back into Shape

Walking It Off: Early Walking Predicts Short-Term Results from Hip Surgery

Leg-Length Difference in the Elderly: How Much Is a Problem?

Take Heart, Seniors--You Can Recover from Leg Fractures

Elderly People Are Hip, Except When They Fall

Doctor, Can I Play Tennis after My Hip Replacement Surgery?

Cha-Ching! The Total Cost for a Hip Fracture Is ...

Goochy, Goochy, Goo: It's a Brand New Baby--and Hip Joint, Too!

Primary Osteoarthritis: What Is It?

Need a Hip Replacement? Who Ya Gonna Call?

Arthritic Hips Out of Rhythm: New Rhyme for the Reason

The Best Time for Hip Replacement Surgery Is . . . Still Unclear

Simple Snip for Snapping Hip

Counting on a Total Hip Replacement

Electric Recovery after Hip Surgery

Changing a Fused Hip to a New Hip Joint

For the Young at Hip

Making Bones about a Hip Fracture

Counting on a New Hip Joint

A New Hip for the Adult Who had a Childhood Hip Infection

Get Better Faster by Starting an Exercise Program before Getting a New Hip

A Loose Hip Responds to the Right Surgery

Navigation System Improves Mini-Incision Hip Replacement

Accounting for Differences in Rates of Wear Between Identical Hip Joint Implants

Dehydration Slows Rehabilitation after Joint Replacement and Hip Fracture Surgery

Preheating Hip-Joint Implants Maximizes the Effect of Joint Cement

Total Hip Replacement for Diastrophic Dysplasia

Best Choice for Replacing a Damaged Femoral Head

Mixing Antibiotics with Joint Cement to Reduce Infection with Joint Replacement Surgery

Research Helps Doctors Choose the Best Surgical Tools for Hip Replacements

Surgeons Take an Extra Step to Improve Muscle Strength after Hip Replacement Surgery

Good Results with Extra-Large, Press-Fit Cups for Acetabular Revision

Effect of Hip Replacement Design in Reducing Hip Dislocation

Update on Osteonecrosis and Hip Joint Replacement

New Surgical Developments in Hip Dysplasia

Hip Revision For Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis

Treatment for Carpal Tunnel Works for Piriformis Syndrome

Study of Hip Joint Replacements in Adults Younger Than 50

Hip Replacement after Hip Fracture

Options When a Ceramic Hip Replacement Breaks

Improved Bone Union after Total Hip Replacement Surgery

Uncemented Total Hip Joints Revised with Cement

Uncemented Total Hip Joints Revised with Cement

Choosing a Hip Replacement: Ceramic or Metal?

New Way to Restore a Flattened Hip Ball

New CT Scan Measures Bone Loss around the Hip Socket

Does Time in the Hospital Affect Problems after Hip Replacement?

Bandage Surgery for Total Hip Replacement

Long-Term Results of Total Hip Replacement Surgery

Shallow Hip Socket Linked to Osteoarthritis

Rehab on the Treadmill after Hip Replacement Surgery

Improving Results of Total Hip Replacement in the Under-50 Crowd

Cruisin' for a Hip Fusion

Scoping Out a Unique Cause of Hip Pain

What Time Is the Right Time for THR?

Locating the Best Approach for Total Hip Replacement Surgery

Cold Treatment Relieves Pain after Total Hip Replacement

Hip Osteoarthritis in Men Reduces Motion and Function

Death Rate Goes Up When Surgery Is Delayed for Hip Fracture

Safe Return to Sexual Activity after Hip Replacement

Sticker Shock on a New Hip Joint

Recovering Rapidly after Hip Replacement

Training Surgeons for New Hip Replacement Method

Hip Replacement Best for Displaced Hip Fracture

Improved Technology Helps Physicians Diagnose Hip Problems

Importance of Home Exercises after Hip Replacement

The Long and Short of Minimally Invasive Hip Surgery

Extra Physical Therapy Restores Function after Hip Fracture

Hip Fracture? Consider a Home Physical Therapy Program

Results of 1000 Mini-Incision Hip Replacements

Advisory Statement for Surgeons

Looking Back Improves Treatment of Hip Fractures

Review of Leg Length Changes After Hip Replacement

First Report on Nine Cases of "Frozen" Hip

Preventing Blood Clots Before and During Total Hip Replacement All That's Needed

Endoscopic Release of the Iliotibial Band for Snapping Hip Syndrome

Total Hip Replacement in Patients with Severe Bone Defects

Results of Acetabular Reconstruction for Severe Hip Problems

Looking Back to Find Hip Labral Tears

Charnley Hip Replacements Stand the Test of Time

American Surgeons Slow to Embrace Hip Resurfacing

Cemented and Uncemented Hip Replacements: Surgeons Must Do Both

New Gold Standard in Hip Replacement

Treating Bone Deficiencies During Hip Replacement Revision

Joint Replacements Trigger Some, But Not All, Airport Security Systems

Hemiarthroplasty or Total Hip Replacement for Hip Fracture?

Pain Relief at the Bone Graft Site

Improving Screw Fixation In Hip Fracture

Pseudotumor from Polyethylene Wear Debris

Risk of Fracture with Skylight Sign

Ultrasound Plus Injection of Anesthetic Helps Relieve Pain of Snapping Hips

Metal-on-Metal Resurfacing for Hips Showing Good Results So Far

Finding Out More About Greater Trochanteric Pain Syndrome

Jury Is Still Out on Hip Resurfacing Arthroplasty

Using X-rays to Diagnose Hip Impingement

Preconditioning Appears to Play Significant Role in Recovery from Hip Replacement

Hip Arthroscopy Appears safe, Effective for Management of Hip Disorders

Review of Hip Resurfacing for Young Active Adults

Review of Total Hip Replacements for Obese and Geriatric Adults

Report of Rare Gorham's Disease

Treatment for Displaced Femoral Neck Fractures

No Need For Rehab Program Based on Type of Hip Fracture

Metal-on-Metal Hip Resurfacing Viable Option for Younger Patients

Influence of Pain on Function After Total Hip Replacement

Differential Diagnosis of Lateral Hip Pain: Clinical Tests Compared to MRI Results

Factors That Explain Disability in Patients with Hip Osteoarthritis

How Reliable is Muscle Testing for the Osteoarthritic Hip?

Adjusting Orthopedic Treatment for Unstable Intertrochanteric Hip Fractures

Review of Repairs for Intertrochanteric Fractures

Success of Hip Replacement Based on Age and Type of Implant Used

Treatment of Fatigue Fracture of the Bilateral Femoral Neck

Frequently Asked Questions About Joint Replacement

Causes of Total Hip Replacement Failure and Types of Revision Procedures

Risk Factors for Hip Dislocation After Total Hip Replacement

Transient Hip Osteoporosis: What Happens Over Time?

Incidence of Hip Squeaking After Replacement is Underreported

Concerns About Long-Term Use of Fosamax

A Breakthrough in Finding the Cause of Squeaks in Hip Replacements

A New Way to Prevent Blood Clots After Surgery That Doesn't Involve Blood Thinners

Removing Tumors in the Hip Arthroscopically

Is the Evidence in Favor or Against Surgery for Femoroacetabular Impingement?

Comparing Antiinflammatory Drugs After Total Hip Replacement

Is Hip Bursitis Still Around?

Fractures In and Around Joint Replacements

Is The Evidence For or Against Mini-Incision for Hip Replacement?

Hip Preservation Surgery for Femoroacetabular Impingement

In-Depth Review of Arthroscopic Hip Surgery

Rare But Devastating Complication of Total Hip Replacement

What Is Femoral Head Osteonecrosis and What Are the Treatment Options?

Screw Type for Hip Fracture Correction Effects Cost Outcomes