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Foot FAQ

Can high arches in my feet cause arthritis in my big toes?

My doctor diagnosed the pain under my big toe as sesamoiditis. She said it has something with two small bones under the joint. What is sesamoiditis? Will I need surgery?

Last month I jumped off the tailgate of my truck and landed hard on the ball of my right foot. Now it hurts whenever I'm on my feet for a long time, or when my big toe gets bent upward. Could I have broken my big toe?

I am a professional dancer. My doctor said the pain under my big toe is from sesamoiditis. The pain is getting worse as time goes on. Is dancing causing my toe pain? If it is, what can I do so I can keep up with my schedule?

I started running about two months ago. When I added more miles, I started noticing pain in the bottom of my big toe. I've tried resting it for days at a time, but the pain just keeps coming back when I start running again. What is causing this pain? Should I talk to my doctor about it?

By the end of the work day, I have severe pain in the ball under my big toe. When I take my shoes off, my foot feels much better. The shoes are a good brand, with good arch support. Should I get a different type of shoe?

I was told I have sesamoiditis in my left big toe. It especially hurts when I'm walking and my left foot pushes off for the next step. How I can keep the pain to a minimum?

How can doctors tell if the sesamoid bone in my big toe has a fracture?

I am a collegiate high jumper. I somehow ended up with a stress fracture in the small bones under my big toe, the sesamoids. The pain has been going on for months. Now my doctor wants to do surgery to graft new bone where the sesamoids didn't heal. I've been told I won't be able to compete for at least four months after the surgery, which means I'll have to miss the upcoming track season. Why can't the doctor just go in and take the bones out so I can get back to my sport?

I have heel spurs. What are my treatment options?

I have heel spur syndrome. How long should I expect this pain to last?

I have heel spur syndrome. I've been doing physical therapy for two months, but the pain hasn't gone away. What other treatments can I try?

After enduring years of pain from a neuroma in my foot, my doctor has recommended surgery. What kind of results can I anticipate from surgery?

The pain between my middle toes is from a neuroma. How can I take care of the pain and avoid surgery?

Which is the safer way to do surgery for a painful neuroma in the foot--from the top of the foot or from the bottom?

My X-ray showed I have a bone spur on my heel. Is the pain in my heel coming from this spur?

What is proximal plantar fasciitis?

When I saw my doctor for the pain in my heel, she did an X-ray and found a heel spur. I've been going to my physical therapist for ultrasound treatments, and the pain is going away. Is this because the ultrasound is breaking up the spur?

My doctor told me that the pain in my heel is from proximal plantar fasciitis (PPF). Aside from surgery, what kinds of treatment are used to help this condition?

My doctor says I pronate. What does this have to do with running injuries?

My 20-year old daughter is a ballet dancer with a professional company. She ruptured her Achilles tendon three days ago. The company doctor is advising surgery, but this will keep her from dancing at least eight to 12 weeks. Are there any other faster ways to treat this?

I tore my Achilles tendon while out running. The doctor put me in a cast, which just came off last week. I'm upset because now I have a dropfoot. The doctor thinks it's temporary. Is there any way to tell if this will go away?

I tore the tendon of my calf muscle about eight months ago. It hasn't healed like I thought it would. What are my options now?

I've been having problems with chronic Achilles tendonitis. An ultrasound study showed a tear in the right tendon. The doctor thinks it's from overuse (too much running). I have a choice in treatment. I can either take the slower rehab method or try steroid injections. I'd really like to get back to running and stay with it. Which treatment approach is best?

I know most drugs have side effects. What are the side effects with a topical agent called glyceryl trinitrate? I'm going to use skin patches with this for a chronic Achilles tendon problem.

What is "noninsertional Achilles tendinopathy?" Is this the same as "tendonitis?"

I had a steroid injection into my Achilles tendon two weeks ago. I didn't really get any relief from the pain and now the skin in that area is turning white. Should I try again and have another injection?

I bummed up my Achilles tendon during a local high school track meet. Now I have Achilles tendonitis and the doctor told me to stay off it for a month. District track meets will be over by then and I really want to qualify for state. What happens if I go ahead and compete anyway?

I've heard there's a way to measure a flat foot in degrees. How do I do this?

Is it bad to be flatfooted? My father was kept out of the military for it. I have it, too. It doesn't seem to bother me.

The podiatrist suggested I try orthotics for my flat feet. Is there any way to tell if they will work before I spend the money on it?

I had a steroid injection into my Achilles tendon two weeks ago. I didn't really get any relief from the pain and now the skin in that area is turning white. Should I try again and have another injection?

I bummed up my Achilles tendon during a local high school track meet. Now I have Achilles tendonitis and the doctor told me to stay off it for a month. District track meets will be over by then and I really want to qualify for state. What happens if I go ahead and compete anyway?

I've been having problems with chronic Achilles tendonitis. I'm a semi-professional ballroom dancer. I really need my feet and ankles to be pain free. My doctor has suggested a steroid injection. Are these safe?

The podiatrist suggested I try orthotics for my flat feet. Is there any way to tell if they will work before I spend the money on it?

I have been wearing a pair of off-the-shelf orthotics to correct a foot problem. I can't seem to keep them from sliding out the back of my clogs or the front of my sandals. Is there some way to hold them in place?

I'm trying an over-the-counter shoe insert for the first time. How can I tell if it's working?

I've had months and months of pain in my heel. The doctor says I have Achilles' tendinitis. I've tried drugs, therapy, exercises, massage, rest, and cortisone injections. I'm thinking about going for the new shock wave therapy next. Are there any side effects from this treatment?

I have a condition called splayfoot. It looks pretty cool but will it cause me problems later on in life?

I notice I'm starting to get what looks like a bunion. Are there any exercises I can do to keep this from getting worse?

What are bunions and what causes them?

I am really struggling with plantar fasciitis. I've finally decided to go get some help. What kind of treatment and results can I expect?

I am a long-distance runner and have been put off my training schedule because of plantar fasciitis. I also have a bone spur on one side. Does running cause the bone spur?

My mother has severe rheumatoid arthritis in her hands and feet. She wants to sign up for a Tai Chi class at the Senior Center. Is this safe? I have visions of her falling and breaking something while doing these exercises.

I'm a healthy, active senior and walk two to three miles almost every day. Many of my friends insist I have to come to Tai Chi with them. They say it builds strength and balance. Doesn't walking do the same thing?

My husband is a middle-aged weekend warrior. He golfs, skis, plays handball, and any other sport that comes along. Last week he ruptured his Achilles tendon. He refuses to have surgery on it and says it will heal on its own. Is this reasonable? Or should I encourage him to have the operation?

I ruptured my Achilles tendon about six-months ago. I'm still not fully recovered. Would it help if I went back to physical therapy again?

I've heard of hip and knee replacements; is it possible to replace other painful joints, like a toe?

My mother is going to have a fusion of the bones in her toe because her osteoarthritis pain is so bad that she can barely walk. What will this do to her foot?

What is the true cause of bunions? I was always told they came from shoes with a pointy toe. But I've never worn shoes like that and I have a bunion.

I had bunion surgery that seemed to go pretty well at the time. But now it looks like my toe is going back out. Does this happen very often?

I've been waking up at night and my feet feel like they are on fire. There is a burning sensation but it also feels numb at the same time. What could be causing this?

What does the too many toes sign mean? I took my son to see the orthopedic surgeon for a chronic problem with ankle pain. When he was showing us what's wrong, he used this term. But I don't really know what it means.

I've heard that there are some stretches I can do for my plantar fasciitis. I would be very interested in trying these. What are they?

I'm starting to develop some heel pain that I think is plantar fasciitis. My sister also has this problem. She uses tape during the day and a night splint for sleep that seem to help her. Where can I get these for myself?

My mother has severe pain in her foot that her doctor said was arthritis. It's getting harder for her to walk - is there anything they can do for it?

I saw both my parents go downhill with pain in their feet from arthritis. Isn't there a way that doctors can tell early if someone is going to have such problems with their feet?

My friend told me that when you tear your Achilles tendon, it can happen anywhere along the tendon. I always thought it happened right around the ankle level. Who's right?

When I was running last week, I had to jump over a pot hole and I heard a pop in my leg. I had a sharp pain and had to walk the rest of the way home. My leg is a bit sore now, but it's not too bad as long as I favor my foot. Could I have torn my Achilles tendon?

I'm a ballet instructor at the college level. I don't perform anymore but I do demonstrate steps to my students. Now I have a problem called osteochondral talus.. The pain and swelling limit my motion. Sometimes it feels like the joint gets stuck. What can be done about this?

Is there anything new in the scientific pipeline for those of us who suffer from chronic gout? I'm having more and more trouble finding a drug that works when the attack comes on.

I injured the middle part of my foot playing football the other day. The doctor says he'll be putting in pins to fix it but then in a few months, I'll have to have surgery to take the pins out. When my cousin broke his leg, the pins and plates in his leg stayed. Why do mine have to come out?

When I was younger, I broke the bones in my foot around the middle part, where they all join. My doctor put a cast on it and a few weeks later, I was back on my way. My foot has always hurt since then but x-rays show that my foot is fine. Could it be arthritis since it's getting worse?

My father's doctor wants to schedule him for surgery on his foot for arthritis, but the doctor said he wants my dad to go for physical therapy on his arms first. He's not very strong and the doctor says he needs to be for the surgery. Why?

I have a Charcot foot from diabetes, which means it's terribly deformed. The midfoot is dropped down so far, I'm walking on bone. Without surgery to fuse the damaged area, there's a risk of developing sores where the bones come in contact with the floor. With surgery, I could get an infection, the weak bone could fracture, it might not heal, etc. Am I just trading one problem for another by having a fusion?

My husband needs surgery to stabilize his foot from diabetic-related deformities. But the surgeon says the ulcers on the bottom of his foot must be treated first before surgery. They are sending us to physical therapy. We've tried everything at home. What else can a PT do that we can't for this problem?

We don't know how it happened, but Dad managed to cut himself -- right through the tendon that helps him pick up his foot. He's not a candidate for surgery to repair the tendon. He has too many other health issues. But now he's unable to pick that foot up enough to clear the floor. We're worried he's going to fall and hurt himself. Would a brace or special shoe help?

My teen daughter likes to wear high heels all the time. Some of them are outrageously high. I warned her several times that she could be damaging her feet but she doesn't listen. Can she damage her feet by wearing high heels all the time?

What's the difference between hallux valgus and hallux rigidus? Why don't doctors speak in ordinary language?

I've seen both my mom and my aunt suffer from plantar fasciitis. I don't want to get it. Is there a way to prevent it?

Why does my plantar fasciitis hurt much, much more in the morning than at night?

One of the girls on my volleyball team has a broken foot that won't heal. It's the long bone to the fifth (baby) toe. I thought growing teenagers healed fast. What could be holding up her progress?

I just had surgery for a broken fifth metatarsal bone. They drilled a hole down the middle of the bone and put a long screw through there to hold it all together. How long should I expect to wait before I'll be back on my feet again?

I've been thinking and thinking about having surgery for my bunions. But so many people I've talked to say their's was better but it came back. Does this really happen often, or am I just by chance talking with the few people who have had a bad experience?

Why do bunions come back? I was told to wear open toed shoes or shoes with a wide box (place for the toes). I've done all that and still got the problem back.

I had bilateral bunionectomies against my family's wishes. They wanted me to do one at a time but I knew I would never go back once I had the first surgery. I don't want to let on that I'm having any problems because I don't want to hear, I told you so from them. But the truth is, I am still having quite a bit of swelling in my feet and some trouble walking. What can I do to get over this?

I had bunion surgery about two weeks ago. I'm still wearing the funky bunionectomy boot. But when it comes off, I'm thinking about seeing a physical therapist. They helped me so much after my knee surgery last year. Do you think rehab after a bunionectomy is necessary? No one has mentioned it to me at the doctor's office.

My surgeon has been very upfront with me about rehab following an Achilles tendon rupture repair. She says there are studies to support putting weight on the foot after surgery. There are also studies that say it's not a good idea to put weight on the foot right away after surgery. What do you recommend?

I have a diabetic foot ulcer that isn't responding to treatment. The team of diabetes experts at our clinic are recommending surgery to release the calf muscle where it attaches to the tendon. If I have this procedure, what kind of problems could I end up with? I don't want to trade one set of problems for another by having this operation.

Have you ever heard of cutting the calf muscle to relieve pain from plantar fasciitis? I'm not really wanting surgery but I've tried a boatload of ibuprofen, exercise, stretching and supplements. What do you know about this?

I have torn my left Achilles tendon twice now. Because I'm a diabetic, it takes me longer to heal. Sometimes I don't heal well at all. I've heard there's some kind of protein that can be injected into the tendon to speed up healing for people like me? Where can I find out more about this?

What are orthobiolgics? I saw this word in an article on bone fractures but I can't remember what they are for exactly. Now that I have a broken ankle myself, I want to go back and reread about them.

What are orthobiolgics? I saw this word in an article on bone fractures but I can't remember what they are for exactly. Now that I have a broken ankle myself, I want to go back and reread about them.

I am a former ballet dancer with my own studio now. My biggest problem is pain at the base of the big toe on my right foot. I can hardly rise up on my toes any more and that's an important movement for demonstrating dance steps. I've been told fusing the joint is my only option. If I wait awhile, will they come out with a toe replacement any time soon?

What are the pros and cons of joint fusion versus joint replacement for the big toe? I have had bunion surgery that didn't work. Now I'm faced with one of these two choices as the next surgery.

Can you explain something to me? I've been doing leg stretches for years for my chronic plantar fasciitis. Then I saw a physical therapist who put her hands on my calf in several places for a few minutes and all of a sudden, no more pain. I still do the stretches (I'm afraid not to!) but it definitely feels different even stretching. Can you offer an explanation for this miracle cure?

Have you heard of laser treatment for plantar fasciitis? Does it work?

I went into surgery for a torn Achilles tendon and came out with a numb foot. What in the world could cause this? Everyone at the hospital was very closed mouthed about it.

My head is spinning. I just came back from my first appointment with the orthopedic surgeon for my foot. I tore my Achilles tendon playing soccer just yesterday. It looks like I will have to have surgery to repair it if I want to get back on the team. I looked at the list of possible complications from this surgery and thought, "no way" But my Mom says, "Yes way" if you want back on the team. Just how likely are these problems?

I've made the rounds of treatment for a chronic problem with my Achilles tendon. Now I'm looking into the blood injection therapy I've heard about. There's one orthopedic surgeon in town who is using it on athletes for acute injuries. No one seems interested or willing to try it on an old injury. Why not?

I'm very excited because the orthopedic surgeon thinks she has a new treatment that might help my tennis elbow. It's some kind of injection of my own blood plasma into the painful area. I got the gist of how it works (some kind of growth) but could you explain it a little more for me? There wasn't time in the doctor's office to ask all my questions.

Is there anyone out there who knows how to treat plantar fasciitis? So far, I've seen six different people and all six have a different idea. None of which worked for me, by the way. I'm stuck -- can you help me?

I have plantar fasciitis so it hurts when I stand on my feet and especially going up and down stairs or walking. I'm in a catch-22. The doctor says I need to lose weight in order to help take care of the foot pain. But the foot hurts when I try to walk or exercise. What can I do?

I work in an assisted living facility as a lunch server. I notice how many of the seniors (even the younger ones) seem to shuffle in and out of the cafeteria. Why is that? Does everyone lose the ability to pick up their feet as they get older? I don't want this to happen to me!

Dad continues to complain everyday about how his feet hurt. And when I took a look at his shoes -- no wonder! He's still shoving his very wide feet into a size 8 and he hasn't been a size 8 since Nixon was in office. How do we convince him to "upgrade" so-to-speak?

I have severe toe arthritis in my big toe on the right side. Got it from a time years ago when a draft horse stepped on that toe. It's pretty painful and I'm hobbling around. The surgeon suggests an operation called cheilectomy. What can I expect from this procedure?

I have a condition the surgeon calls rigid hallux (or maybe it's the other way around: hallux rigid -- I can't remember). Anyway, it's some kind of big toe arthritis. I'm looking into the different treatment options. The surgeon is advising I strongly consider a joint replacement. What can you tell me about these -- especially how well something like this would hold up with all the walking I do for my job as a mail carrier.

My husband is going in for surgery to repair a ruptured Achilles tendon that just happened two days ago. The surgeon briefly mentioned I would have to help watch out for any post-operative complications. The nurse said she would go over all this with me before he is discharged. Now I'm wondering what sorts of problems can develop?

I need some quick help. Just took my son to the doctor's for a calf injury. Looks like he has a torn Achilles tendon. Doc gave us the run down on surgery versus no surgery and what to expect. I need a few more details before deciding which way to go. What can you tell me? What works best? How do we decide?

I took my neighbor in to the emergency department over the weekend. She's a known diabetic and was complaining she couldn't feel her toes. I know they tell you not to use the emergency department for minor problems but I didn't know what else to do. Is this something that could have waited until Monday? It was the first time she had ever have this happen and she was so panicked.

Sometimes I just don't get the medical world. I took my mother in to the local clinic at the strip mall downtown. I thought she was having a heart attack. They seemed much more concerned about a sore on her big toe. She ended up with a bill for several thousand dollars for a foot infection. Go figure! And they never even checked her out for a heart problem. What do you make of all that? Am I way off base in my thinking here?

I failed physical therapy for an Achilles tendon rupture. The injury happened too long ago. And I think I'm too old and too heavy for the tissue to repair itself. Are there any other treatment options? I'm not terribly active (okay, I'm a total couch potato) but maybe I could get out more if the foot didn't hurt so much all of the time. What do you recommend?

I'm lined up for surgery to help me with a long-standing problem with my Achilles tendon. The surgeon calls it a tendinopathy from an old Achilles tendon injury that was never treated. The surgery is in two parts. First, clean out the old, diseased tissue. Then use my big toe flexor muscle to replace the bad Achilles tendon. My question today is: what should I expect for recovery after this type of surgery?

I've heard there is some use of stem cells to repair cartilage. I have a deep hole in my ankle bone that has not responded to any other treatment (I've had three surgeries so far). I'm looking for anything that might work. What do you know about this and where do these stem cells come from?

I need help making a decision about something. I had a very experimental procedure done to help repair a hole in the talus bone of my ankle. I'm back to playing basketball competitively and don't want to do anything to mess things up. My surgeon wants to do a quick arthroscopic peek to look inside the joint and see how things look in there. Is there any other way to see what's going on without poking a needle in there?

Can you help me sort out a problem I am having? I know I have a hole in the cartilage of my ankle bone from a hockey injury last year. We've been keeping an eye on it and hoping it might heal on its own. The fact that I'm young (20 years old) seems to be in my favor. But the latest MRI that was done showed a cyst was forming under the damaged cartilage. Is that good or bad?

It's amazing the kind of information you can get now about your health problems. I had an MRI done of my ankle after an injury and they sent me home with a CD of the images and a written report. It says I have an osteochondral lesion of the right talus. Can you please interpret what this means for me?

I am a semi-professional dancer with a few years left in me but my big toe on the left side is going. I've been told I have a degenerative joint called hallux rigidus. The only treatment is to cut out the damaged part and/or fuse the joint. I'm definitely NOT ready for that. Do you have any other suggestions?

I have a foot condition known as hallux rigidus. I just call it a "tight toe". Over time, I've noticed it's actually getting worse. I've been told if I wait too long, I may end up with a joint fusion when I could have had a repair job. How do they decide when a joint like this is too far gone?

I am no longer able to straighten my second toe.  It does not hurt but I don’t like the way it looks when I wear flip-flops.  Is there anything I can do to straighten it out?

My mom has several toes that are painful and crossed under.  She says that I should not wear high heels because that is what caused her problem.  Is this true or am I just doomed to have my mom’s feet when I get older?

Since the arthritis in my foot has gotten worse, it seems like I'm walking a lot more flat-footed. Is this my imagination, or should I seek treatment for it?

My 13-year-old daughter is a figure skater who competes at the local and state levels. Recently, she fell when landing a jump and broke her ankle. The doctor called it a "stress fracture." How is this different from a regular fracture?

This is the second time I've fractured the main part of my little toe bone. Now my doctor wants me to have surgery to fix the bones in place with screws. What kind of success rate does this procedure have? Is it harder to get good results since I've had a similar fracture before?

When it comes to screw fixation for a Jones fracture in the foot, how much does the hardware itself affect the outcome? For instance, I've heard the size and type of screw used can make a difference. Is this true?

A few weeks ago, I had surgery to fix a Jones fracture in my foot with screws. I don't have any more pain or symptoms. Can I go back to basketball and other activities?

My 23-year old son developed a problem with his big toe playing high school football. The doctor calls this "hallux limitus." It's been over five years and he still has pain, swelling, and loss of motion. Does this happen very often? What can be done about it?

I sprained my big toe playing soccer. I really want to get back to the game. Is there a splint or something I can wear while still playing?

What's a "turf toe?" I heard the sports guys on ESPN saying one of the NFL players has this problem.

I am a ballet dancer with a large dance company in Texas. I've been told to stop dancing for six weeks while a stress fracture heals. I simply can't do this. What will happen if I keep dancing on this foot?

I have been dealing with a dance injury for six months affecting the base of my second toe. X-rays were negative and now the doctor wants to send me for a CT scan and an MRI. I'm paying for these tests myself. If I have to choose one over the other, which one is better?

My 18-year old son has taken up the fine art of ballet. But he has complained of foot pain for six months now. I took him to the emergency department and he had an X-ray. Nothing showed up on X-rays. He should be all done growing now so it's not growing pain. What do I do next?

I unexpectedly tore my Achilles tendon. I wasn't doing anything strenuous, just walking in my living room. What could have caused this to happen? Was I born with a weak tendon?

I was walking across the street when my left leg went out from under me. I felt a pop in my calf and now I can't move my foot up or down. There's no swelling yet but the pain is very sharp and I can't walk on it. What could have happened? Do I need to see a doctor?

My mother had a substance called SYNVISC injected into her knee. It's supposed to help lubricate her arthritic joint. Could something like this help me? I've had chronic tendonitis in my Achilles tendon. I've tried everything else and I don't want surgery.

My 83-year old father woke up this morning with one foot cold and slightly pale compared to the other foot. What could be causing this?

About 10 years ago I had a kidney stone I couldn't pass. The doctor treated me with a special vibration treatment called lithotripsy. It worked very well and I was painfree in two days. Now I have plantar fasciitis in my foot. I've been told this same shock treatment can work on my foot. Is that true?

My doctor wants to try a new experimental treatment for my plantar fasciitis. It's some kind of shock treatment. The treatment was explained to me, but no one said if it hurts or not. Can you tell me?

I tried the new shock-wave therapy for plantar fasciitis. I had nothing to lose since I've tried everything else except surgery. So far nothing has happened. Should I have another treatment? How long should I wait in between sessions?

I'm only 28-years old, and I've just tore my Achilles tendon. I thought this type of injury was more common in older men.

I really like wearing cowboy boots for everyday wear. Right now I have a torn Achilles tendon. How soon can I get back into my boots?

What is the best treatment for Achilles tendon rupture? Should I just leave it to heal on its own? Or is surgery a better way to go?

What is Morton's toe? My 13-year old daughter has been trying to learn toe-pointe dancing but extreme pain occurs every time she's up on pointe. The doctor says a Morton's toe is causing this pain.

What is a Charcot foot? My mother with diabetes has just been diagnosed with this problem.

My 16-year old son is on the high school track and field team. He is in two events: the long jump and the pole vault. He started getting foot pain at the end of last season that's come back again. The doctor says it's from his second toe being longer than the big toe. It looks to me like the big toe is shorter than the second toe. Does it make a difference which is which?

I've been told by a chiropractor that the best way to treat my ankle problem is with a manipulation. I really don't like having my joints snapped and popped. Is there any other way to fix the problem? I have a sprained ankle with cuboid syndrome.

I just came back from the doctor's office. I guess I have tendinosis of the Achilles. What is this?

Our son is a military cadet in basic training. He says he has a foot injury that may or may not be a navicular fracture. The X-ray was negative. His military career could be on the line here. Should he request an MRI or other more advanced imaging test?

What's the difference between a "stress reaction" and a "stress fracture"? The orthopedic surgeon is trying to decide if I have a stress reaction of the navicular bone in my left foot.

I started having what the doctor thought was plantar fasciitis about a year ago. After physical therapy didn't help it became obvious that something else was wrong. It seems I have a problem called Ledderhose disease. What's the best treatment for this condition?

My 55-year old husband is a sports nut and hurt himself playing basketball. The doctor thinks he has a torn Achilles tendon. How do you know when to do surgery and when to let it heal on its own? The doctor is leaving the decision up to us.

I was doing a lay up while playing a pick-up game of basketball. I had just landed from a jump and tried to jump again too soon. I felt a pop along the back of my ankle but there's no pain or swelling. I can walk, but I can't jump. Do I need to see a doctor or just give it time to heal?

My 17 year-old daughter complains of left heel pain first thing in the morning. It seems to go away during the day and gets worse again at night. I bought her new shoes but that didn't seem to help. What could be causing this?

I have a funny bump on the back of my right heel. It doesn't bother me unless I wear dress shoes. What could be causing this kind of bump?

Our daughter is taking martial arts including judo. Whenever she practices using one foot to hook the opponent's legs, she get shooting pain in her ankle. Sometimes she says there's numbness and tingling. The problem seems to be getting worse. What should we do? She hates to give up judo.

I've had the strangest sensations in both my feet. First I had mild pain in my right ankle and foot whenever I pointed my toes down toward the floor. Then sometimes it was a feeling of numbness and tingling. I was diagnosed with tarsal tunnel syndrome (like carpal tunnel syndrome, only in the feet). Now I have the same feelings in both of my wrist and hands. Could it still be the same problem?

When I was a child my right ankle was fused to treat a case of severe flatfoot. Now I have ankle pain. Would a brace help me?

I've heard there's a good stretch that can be done for plantar fasciitis. Can you describe it?

I have plantar fasciitis on the right side. I've heard there's a night splint that can be used. Is this safe? Does it really work?

Our son is in the military and just reported he has a stress fracture of the talus bone in his foot. Will this result in a medical discharge?

Years ago I was a gymnast and competed nationally. At the end of my career, I had a stress fracture of the talus in my left foot. I notice it bothers me now and then if I'm on my feet too long or try to play too many sets of tennis. Now that I'm older, am I in danger of reinjuring this spot with overuse?

Our daughter is a top soccer player. We're hoping she will get a college scholarship to play on a team somewhere. This year she's developed a toe problem called sesamoiditis. Will this keep her out of the running, so-to-speak?

What is Helbing's sign?

I'm about to get a pair of shoe inserts (orthotics) for a foot condition that bothers me when I run. Since I'm on the cross country team at my high school, I'm hoping these inserts will help with my dropped arches. Is there some way to do a before and after test to see if they are working?

I've had plantar fasciitis for three years now. The doctor tells me this is much longer than the usual case. Most people are better after a few months, maybe as much as a year. I've run out of treatments to try. Is there anything new out there?

I've seen three different doctors for my plantar fasciitis. I've gotten three different suggestions for treatment. I've been told to leave it alone because it will eventually go away on its own. Orthotics have been suggested for inside my shoes. And I've been told to go see a physical therapist. What is the best treatment for this problem?

I ruptured my left Achilles tendon over the weekend. The surgeon can't fit me into the schedule until next week. Is this going to delay my recovery?

I'm 42-years old and just had my first major sports injury while playing ball. I ruptured my Achilles tendon. I see lots of other guys my age (and older) who haven't ruptured their Achilles tendons. Why me?

I really hate how my right foot looks. For some reason, I've developed a bunion along the outside of my baby toe. Can they do anything to surgically correct this problem?

I'm starting to get a big bump on the outside of my little toe. It's right along the base of the toe where it meets the foot. It looks like a bunion. Can a person get such a thing on the little toe?

All the women in my family develop plantar fasciitis about the time they turn 50. Is this a genetic trait?

Last year I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. I am overweight but I'm working on it. This year I developed plantar fasciitis. Is this related to being overweight (too heavy for my feet) or is it somehow linked to my diabetes?

My father just came back from the doctor's convinced he needs his big toe amputated. He has diabetes and a host of other problems but this seems pretty drastic. Aren't there other ways to treat this without cutting the toe off?

My mother has very bad sugar diabetes along with crippling arthritis. She can no longer cut her toenails. They've gotten so long, I'm afraid to do it. She's convinced we should just leave them alone. What's the best way to take care of this problem?

Our daughter has been training for the state Special Olympics in gymnastics. After a bad fall off the balance beam, she ruptured her Achilles' tendon. The doctor thinks she'll be out the rest of the season. Will it really take that long to heal? This is awfully important to her.

We had a Japanese exchange student live with us this summer. Just before his trip to the U.S., he ruptured his Achilles' tendon playing a game called sepaktakraw (kick volleyball). Two weeks after surgery, he was wearing a removable brace and putting full weight on his foot. Our son had this same surgery last year. He was in a cast for eight weeks. Do the Japanese have a different treatment for this injury?

We had a Japanese exchange student live with us this summer. Just before his trip to the U.S., he ruptured his Achilles' tendon playing a game called sepaktakraw (kick volleyball). Two weeks after surgery, he was wearing a removable brace and putting full weight on his foot. Our son had this same surgery last year. He was in a cast for eight weeks. Do the Japanese have a different treatment for this injury?

I just found out that the painful lump on my Achilles' tendon is called a tendinopathy. what can I do to get rid of this?

I'm 55-years old and in relatively good health. I have some risk factors for heart disease so I work out everyday. My favorite aerobic exercise is with the elliptical cross-trainer. But I notice the bottom of my left foot gets numb after about 20 minutes on this machine. What could be causing this?

When I was in college, I ruptured my left Achilles' tendon. It was treated surgically and I had a long, slow recovery. Now I've ruptured the other side. This time the doctor did not recommend surgery. Why not?

I had an Achilles' tendon rupture 12 weeks ago. It was treated surgically. Now I've reinjured myself. It looks like the tendon might have re-ruptured. What do I do now?

I let myself be talked into having the fluid in my big toe drained. The procedure is tomorrow morning. But now I'm having second thoughts. How painful is this treatment?

I'm having a bad gout attack. My doctor wants to use a needle to draw fluid out of my big toe. But the toe is so puffed up and swollen, I don't see how he can even find the joint. Is it really safe to try?

I've just finished a six-week program to rehab a mild injury to my right Achilles' tendon. I've gotten my full motion back but the calf muscle and ankle are so stiff. Is there any way to improve this?

What's a good way to get over a strained Achilles' tendon? I've tried stretching it but that doesn't seem to be enough.

What is an Achilles' tendinopathy?

After six months of chronic calf pain, I went to see me doctor. I was afraid I might have a blood clot. I've been diagnosed with chronic Achilles' tendinopathy. I have a prescription for an antiinflammatory drug and physical therapy. Is this something I can just treat myself?

Why are some athletes more prone to hurting the Achilles tendon?

What are the treatment options for an inflamed Achilles tendon?

I have diabetes and some foot problems to go with it. Several of my friends in the local diabetes support group have special shoe inserts they swear by. What are these for?

Have you ever heard of a pedorthist? My orthopedic surgeon recommended I see one in our town for new shoes. What do they do?

I am a dance instructor for ballroom dancing. I take several teams of dancers to state and national competitions every year. I'm starting to develop painful bunions that are affecting my own dancing. If I have surgery for this, how long would I be off my feet?

I had a severe bunion operated on last year but it came back. After all the time it took to heal, I'm very disappointed. Does this happen very often?

I've broken my toe before so I know what it feels like. But, what is the best treatment for a broken toe if I decide not to go to a doctor?

Last year our 79-year old grandfather developed a compartment syndrome of his left foot. It happened while he was running his 25th marathon! Much to our dismay, he's out running again. We thought he was going to lose his foot last time. Could he develop this problem again?

Last month, I developed an unusual case of compartment syndrome of the foot. No one knows exactly what brought it on. I've never had anything like this before, but I was training for a triathlon. It's possible I overdid it. My question is -- could I have gotten over this without surgery?

Do they make special shoes for people with flat feet to run in? I'd like to increase my exercise and activity, but I do have flat feet. They bother me when I run on them.

Do you think it makes any difference what kind of shoes I wear when I run? I don't run far -- maybe a mile. I try to get out two or three times a week. I have flatfeet and I don't want to injure myself running.

Whenever I exercise, the back of my foot, the tendon, hurts. What could be causing that?

I know two people who had ruptured tendons, one had a cast and one had surgery and a cast. Why the different treatments?

I hurt the middle part of my foot one day; it felt like something was broken. It's ok now, but aches off and on. Should I have gotten it checked? My friends told me not to bother because the doctors can't do anything for those bones anyway.

After I broke a bone in the middle of my foot, the doctor put a cast on right up to my knee. Wasn't that a bit of overkill? Could I not have just wrapped it and used crutches?

All my friends think I have plantar fasciitis. But I've had that before and this new heel pain doesn't feel the same. What else could it be?

Is there anything new in the world of plantar fasciitis? I've had this problem for 10 years now with no improvement. I've tried heel pads, orthotics, aspirin, night splints, and steroid injections. Nothing has helped. Ouch.

Is it really true stem cell treatment works for tendonitis?

What's the best way to treat a ruptured Achilles tendon? I've been given two options: rehab without surgery or surgery and then rehab. What works best? Is there any advantage of one over the other?

I work as a certified nursing assistant in an extended care facility. I'm on my feet almost the entire shift. Last week I ruptured my Achilles tendon doing nothing at all. I'm off work now. But I'm wondering how I'm going to manage standing all day when I go back.

I tweaked my calf muscle while working out at the gym. I took a day off from exercising, but when I went back, it ruptured completely. Can you help me sort out the best way to treat this? Stay off my foot? Ace wrap? Aspirin or Ibuprofen?

Our 30-year-old adult son has Down Syndrome. He ruptured his Achilles tendon participating in the track and field events during Special Olympics this year. He still can hardly put any weight on that leg without pain. He has a heart condition and isn't a candidate for surgery. What else can be done to help him?

I'm really concerned about my mother. She thinks she's some kind of fashion queen. But at age 77, we think her high-heeled slippers and fashion shoes are going to be the cause of a bad fall. What can we do to help her wear something more reasonable on her feet?

Our parents are coming out west to go hiking with us. We are concerned about how they will do on mountain trails that are rocky and uneven. They are in pretty good shape overall. Should we encourage them to buy a hiking shoe specifically designed for this kind of activity? Is it worth the money for just one vacation?

I'm thinking about trying shock wave therapy for my very painful plantar fasciitis. My doctor is in complete agreement with ths plan. I've had the plantar fasciitis for two years now. Nothing has touched it -- not drugs, injections, night splints, or stretching exercises. Are there any bad side effects from this new treatment?

I have heel pain from plantar fasciitis. They tell me it will go away on its own, but what if it doesn't? Then what?

I have a tumor in my toe called an extraosseous chondroma. The surgeon says it's probably benign but will remove it to preserve motion in that toe. Just what is an extraosseous chondroma anyway?

Can you tell me what paratenonitis of the Achilles tendon is? I've heard of tendonitis but what's paratenonitis? Is it just a different way to spell the same thing?

I've seen three surgeons now for a torn Achilles tendon. After listening to everything they had to say, I still can't tell if I should or shouldn't have surgery. I'm turning to the internet as my final source of guidance. What should I do?

I fell off a simple step stool and busted my heel into four parts. I heard the surgeon say I was lucky it wasn't the result of a car accident. What difference would that make?

I am a solo and independent roofer, so I don't have Worker's Compensation. Last month, I fell from a ladder and broke my heel badly enough to need surgery. Without disability insurance or Worker's Comp, I'm on my own to get better and get back to work. What are my chances of recovery after an injury like this?

Believe it or not, I have gone through rehab three times now for a weak (or easily injured) Achilles tendon. My wife says just have surgery and be done with it. I'm not convinced surgery is the answer. What do you think?

I am a runner -- I put in 60 to 80 miles a week and run two to three marathons each year. Lately, I've started to have some heel pain on both sides. I've tried everything I know how to get rid of this. I bought new shoes, I tried heel cups and shoe inserts. I did take two weeks off. The pain never really went away and then it got worse when I added running back in. What's the next step?

For a long time, I had plantar fasciitis. But then things took a turn for the worse and the plantar fascia actually ruptured. I'm going back to see the doc in two weeks. Should I ask for a steroid injection? Would it help things heal faster?

Have you ever heard of a treatment called Anodyne for tendon problems? Does it work? Should I try it for my chronic Achilles tendon problem?

I've had two injections into my Achilles tendon for chronic tendon pain and problems. The doctor tells me there's no real inflammation there, but the injections help. Why is that?

I'm 22-years-old and I like wearing fashionable shoes. Most of them have pointy toes. My mother (and grandmother) have bunions. They both tell me the shoes have got to go if I don't want to end up like them. Is this just an old wive's tale?

I'm starting to develop a bunion on my left foot. The right foot still looks fine. Is there any way to keep this from getting worse? Can I do anything to prevent my right foot from getting a bunion?

I went to the doctor today for my follow-up check-up after having surgery three months ago for a torn Achilles tendon. I am still afraid to try and rise up on my toes to check the strength of the repair. How can I get over this fear?

I admit that I am just trolling for information comparing the surgery I had for a ruptured Achilles tendon with what's done elsewhere. I hear the Japanese, Swedish, and European surgeons are way ahead when it comes to trying new things. What are they doing differently that we aren't doing in the United States?

My 16-year-old son is a long-distance runner and he came home complaining of a lot of pain in his foot. The doctor took some x-rays and said that his foot was fine, just to take it easy for a while. A couple of weeks later, his foot was hurting more and we took him to a different clinic where the doctor used an MRI to diagnose a stress fracture, caused by his running. We're angry it wasn't diagnosed the first time. How could that be missed?

Is not using your foot the only way you can treat a stress fracture?

My father had a joint fusion of this big toe last month. It needed to be done because of arthritis. The nurses made him get up out of bed right away, despite the fact that he just had surgery. What is the rush?

Do fusions of the big toe joint really work? My doctor is suggesting that I have one but my neighbor had one and is not doing well.

My neighbor had shock therapy to help her broken toe heal. I've heard of that for kidney stones, but how can that help with broken bones?

When I broke my little toe, my doctor didn't do much for it other than tape it to the one next to it. When my cousin broke her little toe, she had surgery. Did my doctor under-react or did hers over-react?

I have a partial tarsal navicular stress fracture of the left foot. I'm in a cast and using crutches, doing everything the surgeon told me. Do partial fractures heal faster than full fractures?

After weeks of foot pain, a bone scan finally showed I have a tarsal navicular fracture. Since I've been walking around on the dang thing all this time, I only made it worse. Now I'm in a leg cast on crutches. Will it heal? How long does it take?

I have large bunions on my feet that I am going to have taken care of. My teen daughter wears high heels all the time and I want her to stop because she will get feet like mine. But she won't listen to me. What can I tell her to convince her to lay off the heels?

My mother had bunions and they were awful. I think I may be starting them myself, even though I take good care of my feet. Is there anything I can do to stop them from forming?

Will someone's toe just keep growing and growing if they have macrodactyly?

Have you ever heard of getting a broken foot from an airbag going off in a car? That's what happened to me! I was told that being short probably contributed to the injury. Is that true?

I've been limping around in pain from an old foot injury. The pain is right in the middle of my foot above the arch. I finally gave in and went to the doctor's when I could no longer get up and down my steps. I guess I have some pretty bad arthritis in there. They started me on antiinflammatories. If these don't work, what then?

I had plantar fasciitis last year and found a good program on the Internet of stretching and exercises just for that problem. Now I'm getting pain in the ball of my foot but I can't find anything similar for this new problem. Are there stretching and strengthening exercises for the ball of the foot?

I'm starting to form calluses on the bottom of my right foot (in the middle of the ball of my foot). I'm wondering if it's from the shoes I'm wearing. They are fashionable but not very supportive. What should I look for in a shoe that might help this problem?

I've been starting to have pain along the inside of my ankle that seems to travel down to my instep. I can't see any swelling but it certainly feels like it's swollen inside the arch. What could be causing these symptoms?

What's the best way to deal with a posterior tibial tendon dysfunction? My doctor calls it the PTTD of middle age.

I have a hole in my ankle joint cartilage called osteochondral lesion of the talus. What can you tell me about the treatment for this problem?

I am madly looking through anything I can find on the internet about Achilles tendon ruptures and how to treat them. My 35-year-old husband thinks he's still in high school so while he was playing basketball with the neighborhood kids, he tore his Achilles. The decision we have to make is surgery or no surgery. What do you advise?

What can you tell me about Achilles tendon ruptures? This just happened to our daughter-in-law and we are trying to help advise her. If she has surgery, she will have to quit her job (requires a lot of standing and walking). But then she can go back to school. If she doesn't have surgery, they can put her in a cast and she'll heal on her own with a shorter leave of absence from work.

I listen to Colin Cowherd on sports radio every morning on my way to work. I keep hearing him talk about a new problem called turf toe. I'm smart enough to figure out it's an injury to the toe from playing on artificial turf. But what exactly happens?

The outstanding football receiver for our university football team is out with a turf toe injury. This year we have a chance to win our division championship but it might not happen without him. How long does it take to recover from an injury like this?

Have you ever heard of shock-wave therapy for plantar fasciitis? I've tried everything else -- I'm game for anything that might work.

Okay so add me to the list of women who suffer from plantar fasciitis now. I thought I had escaped but not so. What's out there for treatment that works? I don't want to end up like my friends hobbling around for years with foot pain.

My mother's sister (my auntie) came for a visit last week. She told us she had a special kind of foot fracture called a List Frank. What is that? She had a special boot on but kept up with everything we did so it must not be too bad whatever it is.

I have a Lisfranc injury (diagnosed by an orthopedic surgeon). I'm in a walking cast for four weeks, then off to physical therapy. How long before I'm back on the tennis court?

I developed a painful problem called complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) after braking my foot in three places. The heel fracture never knitted back together properly. I can't help but wonder if surgery to correct the fracture would help. Can't they rebreak the bone and line it up properly? It seems like I've heard that kind of treatment is done for some people.

I have a heel fracture that never healed quite right. My ankle has kind of collapsed and my arch has flattened out. Now I walk funny and it really bothers me. Is there any way I can correct the problem without wearing an orthopedic shoe?

I have worn orthotics in the past for other problems and they always seemed to help. Now I have a new problem -- heel pain from plantar fasciitis. What do you think about wearing an orthotic for plantar fasciitis?

Somebody suggested I try a shoe insert for my plantar fasciitis. What does this do to help?

Our daughter is a top-notch soccer player. Last week at practice, she got kicked in the shin and again in the ankle. When the shin finally stopped hurting, we realized the ankle was broken. The surgeon called it a nondisplaced, complete stress fracture. We are very new to all this -- we get that it's broken but can you please explain what it all means?

My mother and grandmother both had terrible bunions on both feet. I never developed them so I didn't give it much thought. But now my 14-year-old daughter is starting to show signs of bunions. And she is always running around barefoot. Does this make the problem better or worse?

Can you give me a quick summary on what causes bunions? I had a mild one on the right foot for years. Now all of a sudden, one has popped out on the left foot. It is really weird.

I saw a physical therapist for a foot problem I've been having. She says it's something called a cuboid syndrome. She wants to manipulate the joints and get them back in line with each other. Should I go ahead with this treatment? I did have an X-ray so I know that nothing is broken. But nothing else showed up either.

Have you ever heard of an ankle sprain called cuboid syndrome? Evidently that's what I've got. Seems to be getting better with treatment but I thought I'd check on-line to get a better grasp of what it's all about.

Talk about aching feet. I have bunions on both sides of my feet (lucky me). I've seen other people with big toe bunions but never little toe bunions. Am I unusual?

I had surgery about three years ago for bunions (on both feet). Now I've developed bunions on the little toe side of my feet. Is this essentially the same problem and would surgery help?

This is kind of a weird question but here goes. My sister tore her Achilles tendon about two years ago. They put her in a rigid ankle brace with her foot wedged in a pointed position. I just did the exact same thing (tore my Achilles tendon). Can I just wear her brace for awhile and skip seeing the doctor? It fits perfectly.

I need some answers quickly. I tore my Achilles tendon playing tennis yesterday. Went to the emergency department. They put me in an air-cast until I can see an orthopedic surgeon. That's tomorrow. I absolutely can't function with a cast that won't allow weight-bearing. Will I be able to talk the surgeon into a walking cast?

I am a fairly new dance instructor so I don't have a lot of experience with dance injuries (other than my own). One of my young students has been told she has a bridge of bone attaching the navicular bone in her foot to another bone. This is causing quite a bit of pain in her foot when dancing. Should I advise her to stop dancing? Is there anything I can do in class to help her?

I am 13-years-old and need some advice. My best friend just got cut from the dance team because she has an extra bone in her foot that is causing terrible pain. She says the doctor told her this is a common problem but usually the person doesn't know it unless dancing or doing some other athletic activity. How can I tell if I have it too?

Have you ever heard of using shock therapy for plantar fasciitis? It's like the kind they use to break up kidney stones. How does it work on the foot without destroying the tissue?

I am a physiatrist interested in treating plantar fasciitis with shock wave therapy. What's the latest thinking about this modality? Does it work? Is there evidence for a best way to apply the energy?

I need some help with a decision I have to make about my ankle. I have an Achilles tendon rupture but I'm not sure if I need surgery or not. The physician's assistant at the surgeon's office talked circles around both options but I couldn't tell which way to go and she wasn't helping. What do you advise your patients?

I am a fashion model at a very high level with a serious problem. I fell during one of our shows and ruptured my left Achilles tendon. The doctor I saw wants to do surgery but I can't afford to have any scars on my legs. How big is the scar and how much will it show? Is there any way around this problem?

After a very severe ankle injury, I found out I have a hole in the ankle bone that goes clear down to through the cartilage to the bone. The surgeon is recommending something called an OAT procedure. At age 55 (and being a post-menopausal woman), will this work for me? I don't heal as well as I used to.

I had an ankle injury that left a hole in my talus bone. After filling the hole in with cartilage and bone from my knee, the surgeon wants to do another arthroscopic exam to see how it looks. I'm not really wanting another surgery. Couldn't they just do an X-ray to see what they want to see?

I have a Morton's neuroma. My foot doctor gave me a special pad to wear that hurts as much as the stupid neuroma. Is there anything else that can be done? I know we are trying to avoid surgery but this is becoming unbearable.

I'm going to have a steroid injection into my very large Morton's neuroma. Do you think a big one like mine is less likely to get better with just one injection? Will I end up having to go back for more?

I've looked over all the different ways a hole in the talus bone of my ankle joint can be repaired surgically. I think I like the idea of using my own stem cells to generate new, normal cartilage. How well does this work?

Last year, I sprained my ankle but that wasn't the worst of it. Evidently, the injury was enough to damage the joint surface of the talus bone. Now I have a hole (the orthopedic surgeon calls it a "defect") that needs filling. Is this like having a filling put in a tooth? How does it work?

Our grandson was diagnosed with a rare tumor of the big toe called a synovial sarcoma. It wasn't picked up on any X-ray or MRI and misdiagnosed as "turf toe." But as our son (who is a medical student) pointed out, they didn't do an MRI with contrast or they might have found it sooner. We are wondering why not?

What's the prognosis for a young adult (20 years-old) with synovial sarcoma of the big toe?

I have had plantar fasciitis for six months now and have worn the night splints and a walking boot and had custom orthotics made but still have it.  My doctor wants me to see a physical therapist.  What can they do for me and is this necessary?

I am told that I have plantar fasciitis but nothing I am doing is helping. My pain is on the inside of my foot, near my arch and is tingling and numb at times. Is this really plantar fasciitis?

I always thought that you had to have surgery if you rupture your Achilles tendon. Is this true?

What is meant by a functional brace that can be worn after Achilles tendon rupture?

I am 20 years old and have mid-arch pain on my instep.  I have very flat feet and this only started recently with my new custom orthotics. Should I go back and get some new ones made?  

What is the rehab like following an Achilles tendon rupture being treated without surgery?

What are some of the biggest challenges when recovering from an Achilles tendon rupture?

What is Morton’s Neuroma?

I have been diagnosed with Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome will surgery be required?

If I think I tore my Achilles tendon, what is the best test to confirm or deny my concern?

Is there an accepted medical consensus on fixing the tendon tear with an operation versus the non-operative treatment option?

I just tore my Achilles tendon playing basketball. My surgeon has suggested non-operative treatment, but I know several people who have had surgery and none who have not. Is this option as successful as my surgeon tells me it is?

What is the best treatment for a chronic Achilles tendinopathy?

I am slated to have a calcaneal fracture repair.  What are the long term effects of this?  What can I do to make sure that I heal the best that I can?