Whenever I bend my elbow, I feel a snap on the inside edge of the elbow. Could this be related to the numbness I feel in my hand?

The two may be related. The ulnar nerve runs through a tunnel behind the inside bump of the elbow, the medial epicondyle. This nerve passage is called the cubital tunnel. As the elbow bends, the ulnar nerve stretches. Sometimes the nerve will shift or even snap over the medial epicondyle. If the nerve has become irritated, it can cause numbness on the inside edge of the hand, including the ring and little fingers.

Keep in mind, however, that hand numbness can occur for a variety of reasons. The ulnar nerve can be pinched in places other than the cubital tunnel, for example, in the wrist. Numbness in the hand can even come from a nerve problem where the nerves originate in the neck. Your doctor's examination can help locate where your problem is coming from.