I thought I hurt my elbow playing in an adult softball league. But I didn't get better with physical therapy until the therapist changed my computer station. She adjusted things to fit my size and improve my sitting posture. I want to pass this tip on to other elbow tendonitis sufferers.

Thank you! And there's a study to back you up on this. Researchers in Canada found that workers with tennis elbow using their forearm at least 25 hours/week have poorer results after treatment than those with fewer hours at the computer. Repetitive-work tasks appear to be the problem.

hanging the computer station at home and at work can help patients recover from tennis elbow ... even when the tennis elbow came from a sports injury. Women (and especially women with neck or nerve pain) also had a slower recovery time.

Finding risk factors like these can help therapists and patients alike in planning the best rehab program. It will help predict how long recovery may take.