I work as a seamstress to make a living mostly doing clothing alterations. Lately I've been having a lot of tennis elbow. Would a splint help me?

Splints are used to reduce pain, cushion the area, and support the weak muscles. Patients most likely to get splints for tennis elbow are women in moderate to severe pain during the early phase of the condition.

Studies don't support the use of splints. Researchers report worse results with splints. The inactivity leads to worse deconditioning. The rate of return to previous activities is the same with or without splints. The cost of treating patients wearing splints is higher, and the final outcome is no better than without splints.

Splints may help a patient remember to use the hand and forearm correctly to avoid further problems. But a splint sends the message that the arm is injured and needs to be rested. It looks like normal movement may help more to heal the injury.