I've heard there's a way to treat shoulder dislocation with laser. Can anyone get this?

Laser light and radiofrequency (RF) electric current are both used to heat capsular tissue in the shoulder after chronic dislocations. The procedure helps tighten up loose tissue around the joint. Patients must have dislocated more than once. Conservative treatment with rehab is always tried first for at least three months.

The treatment is called thermal shrinkage or thermal capsulorrhaphy. It's currently being used for patients with an unstable shoulder from trauma and joints that dislocate in more than one direction. It's also used when tissue inside the joint gets pinched.

A recent study from a shoulder and elbow clinic suggests it works best with traumatic shoulder dislocations. A shoulder that dislocates in all directions has the poorest results. Of course, anyone with fragile tissue in poor condition can't have this kind of heat applied.