I work in heavy construction and tore my biceps tendon last year. Despite a good rehab program, the results aren't good enough to go back to work full-time. I still have weakness and I can't lift the heavy loads required by my job. Is there anything else that can be done?

You may be a candidate for surgery. Doctors have been using a special operation to repair torn or ruptured biceps tendons. They use an arthroscope combined with a small incision to get to the tendon easily.

An arthroscope is a long, thin tool with a tiny TV camera on the end. It's inserted into the area of damage and allows the doctor to see what has happened. The surgeon will be able to see if the tendon is torn, frayed, or pulled back away from the bone. This information helps guide treatment.

The tendon can be sewn together and reattached to the bone. Doctors report good results with full return of function.