I have a frozen shoulder. I've tried physical therapy. My doctor's even tried to manipulate the shoulder while I was asleep under anesthesia. Nothing's worked. What's next?

It used to be that people in your situation had to either live with the symptoms or have open surgery. Now there's a new option. Doctors can release the stiff shoulder using an arthroscope, an instrument that works like a TV camera under the skin. This is less invasive than open surgery. And a recent study showed that it improves movement in the shoulder. Two years after surgery, patients had less pain and better shoulder function. They were also more satisfied with their treatment. This was true whether the stiffness came from surgery, fracture, or some other cause.

Doctors think that arthroscopic release is a safe way to restore movement in the shoulder when other treatments have failed. Ask your doctor whether arthroscopic treatment may be a good next step for you.