I just had a disc removed two weeks ago. I'm finally pain free and I feel great. How soon can I drive my motorcycle and go back to work?

Your doctor would be the best one to answer this question with your specific situation in mind. It may depend somewhat on your general health, the type of surgery done, and the kind of work you do.

Many doctors suggest a two week wait before returning to light-duty work. Four to six weeks is more appropriate for heavy-duty work or vigorous activity. A low back corset may be advised during the early weeks of recovery. This can help unload the spine slightly and give you reminders about your restrictions. It can also help remind you to keep good posture.

Riding a motorcycle is also a matter for your doctor's consideration. The main concerns are bumpy roads and hitting pot holes. The sudden unprotected motion can put pressure through the healing spine. You'll most likely want to wait the full six weeks before any long distance travel.