Is low back pain preventable? If so, how can I keep my kids from getting it?

Research suggests that low back pain can result from incidents of bending or lifting, either at home or at work. For the most part, these injuries are preventable. Most people aren't trained to use their bodies in the right way. They end up putting too much strain on their spines, which can lead to low back pain.

The solution? Education and practice. It's never too early to start. Researchers recently reported on an educational program to promote better back health for third graders. Students learned about the spine and good posture in a series of classes. They also practiced exercises to strengthen and protect their low backs. Four years later, the majority of these students were still using good back technique in their daily activities. Compared to other students who didn't go through the training, they were less likely to need treatment for low back pain.   

As we get older, it's harder to change our habits. Talk to a pediatrician or physical therapist about ways to help your children start developing good back habits.