What are McKenzie exercises? Would they help me with my back pain?

The McKenzie Method is a way to treat neck and back pain from a mechanical cause. Mechanical means it's not caused by cancer or some other disease. It's more likely from a shift in the proper joint position, a problem with the disc, or damage to some other soft tissue structure.

The McKenzie Method works for many patients. You'll need a physical therapist trained in this method to examine your back. Special tests and measures are taken before a specific program of movement and exercise can be prescribed.

The patient does these movements many times during the day. In many cases, it takes less than a minute. The idea is to find out what forces are causing tissue damage or injury and then remove those forces. Normal tissue healing takes place once the irritating forces have been removed.

The McKenzie program may be just what you need. First find out if you're a good candidate. Then be willing to invest a small amount of time in your own back care.