I've heard mixed reports about whether or not chiropractic care works for back pain. Every time I go, I seem to get relief. Does it work or am I just seeing the results of wishful thinking?
There have been some good, quality studies done with evidence to support chiropractic care. But whether this is because of the spinal manipulation or better patient education remains a topic of debate.

Studies don't show an advantage of chiropractic care when it comes to time it takes to recover or return to work. A large study of over 1500 patients with back pain showed no difference when treated by primary care physicians, chiropractors, or orthopedic surgeons.

And chiropractors don't spend more time with their patients compared to other types of doctors. It may be the fact that chiropractors help their patients understand their back pain. They give patients information on the mechanics of the pain. They also counsel patients on how long to expect recovery and the benefits of exercise during the process.

It seems that offering patients support and healing comfort may be the key difference in care. There still isn't a lot of evidence that one treatment type works better than another. Staying active is the one bit of advice everyone can give that is supported by the results.