I've had pain in my tailbone for about a month. I don't remember falling on it or hurting myself in any way. What could be causing this?
The tailbone or coccyx sits at the end of the spine. Just above it is the last part of the spine called the sacrum. The joint where the coccyx and sacrum meet is called the sacrococcygeal joint. Inflammation or other problems at this joint is the most common cause of tailbone pain (also known as coccygodynia). Coccygodynia may occur after a fall or injury to the joint, but there may not be any history of injury at all. Other causes of pain from the coccyx include fractures or tumors. It's also possible to have coccygodynia from a problem in the lumbar spine. For example, a disc problem in the low back area can send pain down to the coccyx. It's best to have a doctor look for the cause of this new symptom. There is treatment for this problem depending on the cause.