Six months ago, I injured myself on the job. I'm supposed to take a test to see if I'm ready to go back to work. What kind of test is this?
Tests given for return to work aren't standard. The items given vary from region to region and clinic to clinic. There may be a survey to fill out asking questions about how you feel and what you can or can’t do. Usually, your vital signs are taken. This includes pulse, temperature, blood pressure, and breaths per minute. These measurements may be taken again during work tasks. You may be asked to lift and carry objects of various sizes, shapes, and weights. Grip strength is often measured three times on each hand. Range of motion (ROM) for the injured body part is measured and compared to normal values. ROM is also compared from when you first injured yourself to now. Call the clinic where the test is going to take place. Ask for a list of tasks in the test. This will help you decide what clothes and shoes to wear, and may ease your mind about what to expect.