I am a newly hired middle manager for a large manufacturing company. I'm facing my first compensation claim by a blue-collar worker who has hired a lawyer. Everyone tells me once a lawyer is involved, we'll never see that worker back on-the-job. Is there any truth to that idea?
Most adults who experience an episode of low back pain recover and return to work in a short amount of time. But problems develop for those who have chronic pain and have not gotten back to work after three months of sick leave. Various studies have been done and are currently underway to help identify risk factors that can predict long-term disability. Whereas it may seem natural to assume that someone with the most severe pain or injury won't ever return, that isn't the case. The same is true for patients who retain a lawyer. Just because a lawyer is involved doesn't mean that worker is out to sue the company for all they can get. Sometimes employees want to return full-time to their former job but feel the need for representation to make sure that happens. There are probably as many reasons for retaining a lawyer as there are people who hire them.