My doctor says I'm not a good candidate for the new artificial disc replacements. What would happen if I went ahead and got one anyway?

It might be helpful to know why your orthopedic surgeon doesn't think the artificial disc replacement (ADR) would work for you. There have been enough studies done now to show some patients have risk factors that put them at risk for a poor result. You may be one of these patients.

For example congenital defects of the vertebral bones may make an ADR impossible to get in place. Researchers report the presurgical evaluation is the most critical factor for a successful result.

The condition of your bones as well as your overall health are also important factors. Severe osteoporosis may result in fracture as a complication. This could compromise the success of an ADR.

These are just a few examples of the possibilities. You really should find out more from your surgeon before making a final decision.