My boss is constantly reminding me to use good posture when lifting at work. Does it really matter?
Back injuries have been the subject of many studies. Over the years it has been determined that physically heavy work, frequent bending, and lifting are linked with low back pain. It seems lifting while bending or twisting is a common cause of work-related back injuries. Heavy lifting and awkward postures are reported as two strong factors in lifting injuries. Even the speed of lifting can make a difference. Lifting posture remains under investigation. It's not clear what low back position or posture works best. In a recent study from Canada with 15 healthy male volunteers the freestyle lift had the best results. Freestyle means the person lifts with whatever posture seems to work the best for him. So in answer to your question, how you lift does make a difference. Posture may not be as important as the speed, repetition, and whether or not you're twisting or rotating during the lift. Use those friendly reminders to check yourself. Good lifting methods do reduce back injuries.