I am seven months pregnant with my third child. I've had constant tailbone pain for six weeks. Last week, I fell going down my basement stairs. Now the pain is gone. What could have caused this change?
The tailbone (coccyx) can be very painful. This may be caused by some other problem in the spine, or it may come directly from a problem in the tailbone itself. Coccygodynia (painful tailbone) is not uncommon during pregnancy or after the delivery. The pressure of the child on nearby tissues or damage to the nerves that travel to or through the coccyx can cause this condition. Falling on the tailbone, fracture, or tumors can all cause coccygodynia. It's not very often that falling is a helpful treatment for this condition. However, cases have been reported and doctors jokingly call this "therapeutic falling." A mechanical problem is the most likely cause of coccygodynia when a fall reduces painful tailbone symptoms. However, it would be best to have a doctor review your case. Other, unseen damage from the fall should be ruled out.