I saw an ad looking for back pain patients to join a survey about patient satisfaction. I can't help but wonder just what is patient satisfaction?

Each study may have a slightly different focus. Overall, patient satisfaction looks at how happy or satisfied the patient was with the quality of care and/or the health care provider. Would the patient have the same treatment again? Would the patient want the same caregiver?

Other parts of patient satisfaction may have more to do with cost and convenience. Was the cost reasonable for the service provided? Was it easy to get to the treatment center? Did the patient have to wait very long before seeing the health care provider?

Results of treatment may be part of patient satisfaction. Did the person get better (fewer symptoms or better function)? Did the health care provider give clear and easy to understand instructions? Was the treatment explained?

These and other factors make up patient satisfaction in total. The study advertised is likely focused on one or two specific topics of patient satisfaction.