I'm seeing an osteopathic doctor for chronic low back, buttock, and hip pain. Right now my only treatment is an injection called prolotherapy. Shouldn't I be doing something else to get better?

This is a good question. Many studies show chronic back patients need a total program for rehab. This should include physical, social, psychologic, and emotional recovery. The injections you are receiving help strengthen the ligaments. Prolotherapy treats the physical part first.

Sometimes it's good to try one thing at a time. That way you know if what you did made any difference. Your doctor may be treating you with this in mind. At other times, combining two or more treatments helps each treatment work better. Several studies show that prolotherapy does work better when used along with other treatment.

There are several other interventions that have been tried along with prolotherapy. The doctor may manipulate your spine or suggest some low back exercises to go with the prolotherapy. Getting back to everyday activities and regular walking are often advised. Some doctors tell their prolotherapy patients to use oral vitamin C, zinc, and manganese supplements. These products may help collagen tissue grow and heal.

Ask your doctor about your program and what would be best for you at this time. The prescribed program may change as treatment progresses and you start to get better.