Are the results of spinal fusion surgery based on the underlying problem in the spine? In other words, are some problems easier to fix with spinal fusion than others?

Yes and no. Yes because most lumbar fusions are done for cases of spinal degeneration. The number of successful cases with spine fusion is highest for this diagnosis because more patients getting a fusion have this problem than any other condition.

The degeneration may occur as a result of changes that come with normal aging. Disc herniation, painful disc degeneration, and adult curvature of the spine called scoliosis can lead to the need for spinal fusion. Lumbar disc degeneration is also possible. Some patients have arthritic conditions causing spinal pain. Others have fractures or tumors.

No to your question because results can vary according to the overall health of the client. For example, nonsmokers heal faster than those who smoke. Patients with diabetes have more complications than those without this condition.

Results are also better if only one level is fused. The more bones fused, the less chance for a good healing and recovery.