Last month I hurt my back at work. I've been seeing a physical therapist for the last three weeks. Most of the treatment is geared toward getting me to be more active. The therapist really isn't treating the pain. How can I get better if I'm in pain all the time?

Good question. Many studies over the last few years have shown that back pain is more about stress, anxiety, and other psychosocial factors than it is about a specific back problem.

The first week or two after a back injury is focused on reducing pain and inflammation. It's been shown that after 14 days the acute back pain patient becomes more subacute. The next step is in a downward decline is to become a chronic back pain patient.

The therapist must focus on movement and function to prevent chronic pain and long-term disability. It sounds like your therapist is up to date on the latest research findings. Give it your best effort and see if you don't get better.