I've had cancer that metastasized to the spine. With radiation, they were able to stop the spread and even reverse some of the bone growth. At the same time, my L45 lumbar spine collapsed because of the effect of radiation on my disc at that level. Could I get one of these new disc replacements that are out?
You have a complex medical history so your question can't be answered by a simple 'yes' or 'no' answer. You'll need to seek the opinion of a surgeon who does artificial disc replacements (ADRs).

Right now it's not clear which patients should or shouldn't have ADRs. Studies so far show the best results with degenerative disc disease (DDD). DDD usually accompanies increased age and/or wear and tear. Most studies exclude patients who have spinal tumors, bone metastases, scoliosis, or even irregular shaped bones.

Still, as surgeons have more and more success with this treatment method, the list of possible conditions treated by ADRs is expanding. Good to excellent results over a longer period of time (up to two years) are being reported.