I see a job opening advertised listed as "workload 2." I've had a bout or two with low back pain. Can I handle a level 2 workload?

Workload is defined as the amount of work assigned to or expected from a worker in a specified time period. The United States Department of Labor has defined workload as 1-2 or 3-5 based on activity and lifting.

Level one is sitting, no lifting required. Two is a maximum lift of 15 to 30 pounds. Three is a maximum load of 30 to 70 pounds. Four is a maximum load of 70 to 125 pounds and five is a load greater then 125 pounds.

Whether or not you can handle a workload level 2 is based on several factors. Age, general health, and strength are important. Lifting using proper body mechanics will help anyone who has lifting requirements.