A lot of my employees complain of neck pain. I've done everything I can to make the office more "ergonomic." Is there something else I should do?

Researchers have suggested that, when it comes to neck pain, the psychological or social qualities of a workplace may be just as important as the physical ones.

A group of researchers in the Netherlands tried to identify "psychosocial" factors that may put workers at risk for neck pain. They followed nearly one thousand workers for three years. The researchers found that having to work under time pressure was linked to neck pain. So was a lack of support among coworkers. To a lesser extent, not having opportunities to make decisions at work was a risk factor for neck pain.

With these results in mind, you might think about ways to reduce the deadlines employees face at work. You may also want to encourage more social support among coworkers. Whatever you can do to reduce the stress of the workplace may keep your employees healthier--and your office more productive.