I work at a desk all day and get muscle pain and spasms along the top of my shoulders. What can I do to help with this problem?
The muscle along the neck, shoulders, and upper back is the trapezius. It has several separate but interconnected sections (upper, middle, lower trapezius). The uppr trapezius mmuscle is the one that shrugs the shoulders. Overuse or chronic repetitive use of this muscle can lead to a painful condition called <>itrapezius myalgia. Office workers often complain of trapezius myalgia. A few simple stretching and strengthening exercises may help. It's always a good idea to take frequent, short breaks during the work day. Just bringing the arms overhead and taking a deep breath can relax tense muscles and improve blood flow. Lifting the shoulders up toward the ears and relaxing them back down (shoulder shrug) is another quick and easy exercise for this problem. A strengthening program can also help. Studies show that muscle pain is reduced with high levels of activation. The most commonly used exercises for trapezius myalgia include shoulder shrugs, one-arm rows, upright rows, reverse flys, and lateral raises. These exercises are done with handheld weights. Depending on your work situation, you may be able to do these exercises during short morning and afternoon breaks. When getting started, some people prefer training with a physical therapist or other qualified exercise care specialist. This can help prevent improper form and technique that can lead to injury. Once you've established a program of regular exercise, you'll find it much easier to