I hear a lot about people missing work because of back pain. What about neck pain? That's my problem. Seems like there would be more neck back than back pain because of so much time in front of computers.

Back pain still outnumbers neck pain. At least eight out of 10 adults (80 percent) suffer back pain some time in their lives. This compares to about 67 percent of adults who report neck pain. But you're right about the rise of neck pain with computer use.

As Americans sit more and become less active, neck and back problems continue to rise in number. Finding ways to prevent this problem is the first step. After that, fast relief of symptoms will reduce suffering and lost time at work.

There's an even greater problem in all this. Recurrent symptoms (either back or neck pain) are common. That's all the more reason why scientists are interested in finding ways to prevent the problem in the first place.