What are some of the causes of neck pain?
Neck pain can be caused by many different causes from the known to the unknown. Most people have experienced a "crick in the neck," a sharp pain on one side of the neck that makes it difficult to turn their head. This can be caused by sleeping in the wrong position or perhaps turning your head too fast and pulling on something in the neck. Many types of neck pain are considered to be non-specific neck pain, where there is no clear diagnosis. In other cases, some people have neck pain because of arthritis or some other type of joint problem, they may have osteoporosis that is causing their spinal bones to become brittle and weak, or they may have a swelling, tumor or mass pressing on a nerve. Neck pain should be checked to see if it is something serious. If it's not, many times it heals with time. If it is serious, than the doctors can work on a diagnosis and treatment plan.