I had whiplash several years ago and it was no big deal; it hurt a bit but then it went away. My sister got whiplash a while ago and is still getting treatment for it. Now they're talking about injecting something into her neck. Why doesn't it go away like mine did?
Whiplash, injury to the neck from a severe jerking motion, can be a very painful and debilitating injury. Up to 75 percent of people who have whiplash see it resolve on its own, however, many people require treatment and some people end up with chronic pain as a result.

Many treatments have been tried for whiplash, ranging from medications to injections to surgery, but none has proven to be effective all the time. Now, there are data that suggest that Botox may help relieve the pain from whiplash. The Botox is injected directly into the trigger point, the area that is causing the pain.

The results are promising, but more study needs to be done.