What is a "neurogenic bladder?" I've been told that's what's wrong with me. It's coming from a condition called cervical myelopathy.

Neurogenic refers to the nerves or nervous system that control the function of the bladder. Being able to hold your urine until you get to the bathroom depends on the proper function of the nerves and the nervous system.

Bladder control can be disrupted by anything that affects the brain, spinal cord, or spinal nerves. Stroke, cancer, dementia, or trauma are just a few examples of things that can impair the nervous system's control of the bladder.

In the case of cervical myelopathy, pressure on the spinal cord in the neck is causing a bladder problem. This could be coming from changes that occur in the spine with aging. It might also come about because of pressure on the spinal cord from a bulging disc.

Your condition may be reversible. Early treatment of the myelopathy is important to prevent long-term or permanent bladder problems.