I tore the tendon of my calf muscle about eight months ago. It hasn't healed like I thought it would. What are my options now?

Your choice of treatment may depend on your level of function and activity. What kind of job do you have? The physical tasks of a desk job are much different than with a more active job. Were you involved in sports or athletics before the injury? Do you want to get back to the playing field? What kinds of leisure activities do you like?

You may be able to enter a rehab program with a physical therapist. The therapist can apply treatments to help release scar tissue and realign the connective tissue fibers. Stretching and strengthening will probably be a part of the program.

Surgery is an option even at this late date. Scar tissue can be removed and the torn tendon repaired. You'll still likely need a rehab program afterward. Following your surgeon's instructions is very important to prevent rupturing the tendon again.