The pain between my middle toes is from a neuroma. How can I take care of the pain and avoid surgery?

Most doctors think painful neuromas are from scar tissue that squeezes a small nerve that runs between the toes (the interdigital nerve). To relieve pressure, choose shoes with a wide toe-box in front. Avoid tight and narrow footwear. You may find instant relief by placing a small "metatarsal pad" within your shoe. This pad is used to spread your toes slightly and take pressure off the interdigital nerve.

Physical therapy treatments are often helpful. These can relieve inflammation around the painful spot. Treatments may include ultrasound or topical cortisone applications. Orthotics may be prescribed to support the foot and take pressure off the sore nerve. If these measures are unsuccessful, your doctor may suggest a cortisone injection.

If pain becomes unbearable and keeps you from doing the activities you enjoy, surgery may be recommended.