I was told I have sesamoiditis in my left big toe. It especially hurts when I'm walking and my left foot pushes off for the next step. How I can keep the pain to a minimum?

The sesamoids are two tiny bones underneath your big toe joint. Sesamoiditis is a condition where the tissues around the sesamoids become inflamed. Problems with sesamoiditis may not go away if repeated movements in the big toe, such as bending the toe when you walk, keep the painful area inflamed. Rest your toe as much as possible, and shorten your stride when you walk.

If your problem doesn't get better after a period of resting and protecting the joint, talk to your health care provider. He or she can suggest ways to keep the big toe from bending when you walk. Special padding, shoe inserts, and special shoes can help protect your toe while you walk and allow it to heal.