Our daughter is a top soccer player. We're hoping she will get a college scholarship to play on a team somewhere. This year she's developed a toe problem called sesamoiditis. Will this keep her out of the running, so-to-speak?
Sesamoiditis is a general term used to describe inflammation of the sesamoid bones in the big toe. The sesamoid bones are two tiny sesame seed-shaped bones under the base of the big toe. Sesamoiditis is usually caused by repetitive stress such as jamming the toe or pushing off from the big toe over and over.

Ballet dancers, track athletes pushing off from the starting blocks, and runners experience this type of problem. Football, rugby, and soccer players are at risk for this problem, too. Anyone with problems with foot alignment can also develop sesamoiditis.

The treatment is usually with rest, ice, taping or orthotics (shoe inserts), and antiinflammatory drugs. With proper medical management, she should be able to recover and return to sports. Preventing recurrence of the problem may require some change in shoe wear and training techniques.