I've decided to set up an exercise program for myself. I'm going to get rid of this nasty back pain I've been living with for months once and for all. But I'm not really an expert in this area. What are some back exercises I can do to at least get started?
There may be nothing easier or simpler than a 10-minute walking or biking program to start. Many studies show that 10 to 20 minutes of physical activity and exercise of any kind is helpful. An hour of exercise four or five times each week is even better. There are many different types of exercise such as aerobic training, strength training, endurance, and stretching for flexibility. Other types of exercise can include neuromuscular control, mobilizing (joints, nerves, or other soft tissues), and functional activities of daily living. A medical exam with your physician is a good idea to make sure there isn't a more serious cause of the problem. If there's no medical treatment required, then it may be helpful to work with someone who can assess your physical needs and plan an individual program that's best suited to you. An athletic trainer or physical therapist may be the best person to offer this kind of start up help.