I notice whenever I go to the chiropractor, I feel better after a couple of days. But the first 24 to 48 hours I'm always so stiff and sore. Is this the way everyone feels after an adjustment?
Minor discomfort after a chiropractic manipulation is common. Some patients report increased symptoms such as pain, stiffness, and even headache or dizziness. Such symptoms usually resolve quickly. Patients often report their motion is better afterwards.

Any time you are having adverse effects from treatment, you should report this to your chiropractor. The treatment approach may need to be modified to reduce these side effects. The chiropractor may also want you to take some specific steps to manage these symptoms when they do occur.

The risk of serious effects of chiropractic spinal manipulation is reportedly low. There are no studies yet to show who might be at risk. It's possible that those patients who experience minor side effects are at increased risk for a more serious reaction to treatment.

Until this is all sorted out, patients are encouraged to report all effects (both positive or negative).