I've been told to expect some possible pain along the top of my pelvic bone where the bone will be collected to use in my spinal fusion. Are there any other problems to watch for?
The use of bone taken from the patient's pelvic crest is common. This is called an autologous bone graft. The bone is close to the surface and easily harvested. However, there are some potential problems.

Pain shortly after the operation is to be expected. But when that pain persists weeks to months later, then the problem can become chronic. Some patients also report a patch of numbness over the area.

In a small number of cases, the donor site doesn't heal. Infection and wound breakdown can occur. Painful symptoms can result in a change in the way the person walks. In the worst cases, the pelvic bone fractures or the sacroiliac joint becomes unstable.

Most of these problems are really rare. Expect some short-term local pain over the donor site. If you notice anything unusual, report your concerns to the surgeon right away.