My daughter came home with a note from the school nurse saying she might have scoliosis. We're supposed to take her to the doctor's and have it checked out. Where can I go on-line to get more information first?
Many schools around the United States offer scoliosis screening. Scoliosis is an abnormal curvature of the spine. It's found most often in older children and teenagers. It's great to have this screening service but it can cause some anxiety in parents. The Internet offers easy access to medical information. But like the old saying, "Buyer beware!" the consumer should also be aware that much of the medical information on the web isn't accurate. A recent study done on scoliosis in particular only came up with one reliable web site: The Scoliosis Research Society sponsors this site. Your doctor should review any information you download. He or she can point out any inaccuracies and let you know what applies to your daughter.