Yesterday I had my first treatment with a naprapathic doctor. My main problem is head and neck pain. Today I am very sore and my pain is actually a bit worse. Is this normal?
Naprapathic treatment is a form of manual therapy for musculoskeletal problems. Patients with neck and/or back pain often seek the services of a naprapathic practitioner.

Joint and soft tissue mobilization combined with massage and stretching are key features of naprapathic care. Muscle soreness, muscle fatigue, a general sense of fatigue, and even increased pain are fairly common after the first two treatments.

These are minor, short-term reactions to the treatment. Most of the time, increasing your fluid intake (especially water) and keeping active are all that's needed to work through this minor complication.

You may want to wait 24 to 48 hours to see if the soreness and pain go away. But if you are concerned or feel your symptoms are serious, don't hesitate to call your naprapathic practitioner or your family physician.