I just (yesterday) had an out-patient meniscal repair. The surgeon used a new all-inside arthroscopic technique with special anchors to hold the meniscus in place. I forgot to ask when I could start running again. My next appointment isn't for a few days. What can you tell me while I'm waiting to ask directly?

Of course every surgeon has his or her own protocol and timeline for patients. Some of this is personal preference and some comes from where the surgeon trained. The type of surgery done can make a difference too.

Patients who have the meniscus and the anterior cruciate ligament repaired at the same time may have a slightly different course to follow. You may be wearing a hinged brace to limit motion a little. This helps prevent disruption of the sutures during the early phase of healing.

Most patients wear the brace and use crutches or a cane for the first three weeks, putting partial weight on the foot and leg. By the end of six weeks you'll be moving the knee to 90 degrees of flexion and putting your full weight on it.

Jogging (not running) comes around weeks 10 to 12. By six months you'll be back to full activity. Remember, you must follow your doctor's instructions. If what he or she tells you is different than what we report as the typical pattern, you must abide by the surgeon's orders!