I had surgery to repair the posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) in my left knee three weeks ago. I notice I get increased pain and swelling if I do more than my regular walking and exercises. Is this normal?

Pain and swelling are often limitations on motion and activity after PCL surgery. You can continue to use the RICE formula: Rest, Ice, Compression (elastic wrap) and Elevation any time you increase your activity and experience more swelling.

The goal is to see yourself increasing what you can do everyday. If there's increased pain and swelling, make note if it goes away faster each time. You should also see that the knee doesn't react quite as quickly as time goes by.

Keeping up with your exercises and walking is actually the best medicine for your knee. You can use your pain and swelling as a gauge of how much you can tolerate. Work right up to those limits and slightly beyond each day.

Be sure to let your doctor know if there's more than usual swelling and the knee is hot to the touch or if the symptoms don't go away with rest and ice.