Please help me out. I'm writing to you from the rehab center where I've just had a total knee replacement. I've been up for the first time and put weight on the leg. Do I have to use this walker? I hate looking like an old person.

Some sort of external support is a good idea right after surgery. It will help you keep your balance and prevent a bad fall. A "younger" looking supportive device may be possible. When the nurse or therapist comes back, ask if you could use crutches or two canes instead.

Crutches are a possible option if you are in good health, not overweight, and strong enough with good balance. Crutches offer slightly more support than canes do. You might be able to progress from walker to crutches to cane(s).

Your pain level is also an important factor. Pain can cause the leg to go out from underneath you. Again, the goal is to restore function. Avoiding further injury is part of that plan.