I'm in a local theater production of A Chorus Line. It opens in two weeks, and I'm scheduled for removal of a fluid-filled cyst in my knee. How soon will I be back up on my feet?

It depends on how the operation is done. Sometimes the doctor has to cut into the knee and open up the area. This method takes longer to heal. It's also possible to go inside the joint using a special tool called an arthroscope.

There's a tiny TV camera on the end of the scope. This allows the doctor to look inside the joint and make any repairs without an incision. The patient is left with just one or two puncture wounds. The cyst can be removed, and the patient is usually pain free and back to regular activities in one or two days.

Ask your doctor ahead of time about your options. You may want to postpone surgery until after the show. If you do have the cyst removed, give yourself plenty of warm-up time for the knee before each show.