I saw a news report that the Rehab Institute of Chicago has a new program after knee replacement. They are using a battery-powered monitoring device to keep tabs on the joint motion. I live in the Chicago area and need a knee replacement. Should I get one of these for myself?

A small study was done at the Rehab Institute of Chicago (RIC) using an electric goniometer after total knee replacement (TKA). A goniometer is used to measure joint motion. Most often a physical therapist uses a hand-held goniometer to measure the joint motion manually.

The electric unit was meant to help patients with problems that could delay their recovery. Some had severe rheumatoid arthritis. Others had social or psychologic problems slowing them down. The device is still under investigation and not on the market for general use yet.

You may be a good candidate for future studies. To contact RIC call 1-800-354-REHAB (1-312-238-1000) or visit their website on-line at http://www.ric.org.