My daughter is a high school senior. She's been offered scholarships to several universities. One school wants her to play lacrosse. Another school wants her for their women's basketball team. We're looking at all sides of the playtime. Can you tell us if there are more injuries with basketball or lacrosse?

Female basketball players have a higher number of knee and ankle injuries associated with basketball. This is compared to soccer, lacrosse, and field hockey. Studies show the rate of injury is the same between practice and games. It also appears that the number of high school injuries and college injuries is about the same.

Scientists aren't sure all the reasons for the increase in injuries for women over men. There may be strength issues. Neuromuscular control has also gotten a lot of study lately. Alignment of the bones, joints, and ligaments is another possible factor. More study is needed to sort this all out and find ways to prevent injuries.